Sunday, May 29, 2011

FREE $5 - $20 Gift Card with Every Purchase! ~ Memorial Day Special

Shop at The Baby Store Plus on Memorial Day and receive a FREE Gift Card valued at $5 to $20 with Every Purchase!  (Minimum purchase of $25 or more excluding shipping fees).

All day on Memorial Day, beginning just after midnight, and ending at 11:59 pm, we will be including a FREE GIFT CARD with every order over $25.  The more you purchase, the higher your FREE GIFT CARD Value!

Orders of at least $25 will receive a $5.00 Gift Card!
Orders over $50 will receive a $10 Gift Card!
Orders over $75 will receive a $15 Gift Card!
Orders over $100 will receive a $20 Gift Card!

NO Coupon Code Needed, we will automatically include the card with your qualifying order.

  Terms: Limit one gift card per customer/address. Qualifying orders must be received on Monday, May 30th between 12:01am and 11:59pm (MST).  Order value is the amount paid after all coupons, sales, and discounts are applied, and does not include shipping charges paid.  Gift Card will be shipped with the order and can be redeemed towards future purchases in our online store.  Gift Cards can be applied towards merchandise purchases only, cannot be applied towards shipping charges. The Baby Store Plus Gift Cards do not have an expiration date, and the value does not decrease over time.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Post-Surgery Update of my Daughter...

Update of my daughter Post-Surgery...

The surgery to remove the suspicious lymph lumps in her neck went well.  It was a pretty quick procedure.  Her doctor was able to remove a few of the strange lumps, including the larger one that was of concern and she found them to all be very normal looking with no suspicions of cancer.  They will of course biopsy them to make certain they are benign, but she said she does not expect to receive any bad news from the lab!

My daughter is recovering well, after a rough first night trying to manage her pain, and nausea/vomiting (caused by the pain medication).  She is ready to go home today.  I am so relieved. Now my daughter can get on with her life without worry about her health.  She and our son-in-law are in the process of moving to a new city, with new jobs, and possibly beginning their family in the coming year or two, so the timing could not be better to receive such great news.

I want to thank you all for your moral support, words of kindness, and the wonderful Prayers and well wishes that we have received via posts here and by personal emails.

We will be returning home to Colorado on Tuesday and back to work in the store first thing on Wednesday.  Thank you all for your patience and understanding while our shipping department has been closed.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!  Be Happy and be Safe!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Mother's Job is never done...Prayer's & Positive Thoughts Needed

Our Shipping Department will be closed from Wednesday May 25th through Tuesday May 31st, however, it is not because we are going on a vacation...

A mother's job is never done, even when her children are grown and start families of their own.  I was reminded of this on Mother's Day when my oldest daughter asked me to please be with her while she undergoes surgery this coming Friday.  She did not need to ask because I would put the world on hold for either of my children, but I was very touched that she did.

On this Friday she will undergo surgery to remove a suspicious lump from her neck.  We hope to discover that the lump is completely benign and the surgery goes quickly without complication.  The preliminary tests have been unable to give us any reassurances, but I am keeping a positive attitude.  I will remain with her a few days post-surgery to help as needed during her recovery.

If you are a Praying person, would you please say a Prayer for her?  If you are not a Praying person, could you please keep her in your thoughts as the weekend approaches?  The power of Prayer and positive thoughts can be Amazing.  Thank you my friends.

For anyone shopping in the store during our absence, please know that we appreciate your understanding and patience.  As always, I will be available via telephone, email, and even Live Chat when my laptop is on.  All orders received during our absence will be promptly shipped when we get back to the office on Wednesday, June 1st.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Review of us and $25 eGift Card Giveaway hosted by This Mama Loves Her Bargains!

Thank You Jenni!

We are so excited!  We have been reviewed by Jenni at This Mama Loves Her Bargains!  She went shopping in our online store and chose a Trend Lab Shower Caddy in Pink Paisley for the product she would like to review.  By shopping in our store with an eGift Card she got to personally experience our website as well as how we treat our customers.  If you would like to know all about her experience, just click on her cute button above to take a look at the great review she did.  PLUS (we always have a Plus) if you would like to Win a $25 eGift Card to do your own shopping at The Baby Store Plus, then be sure to enter the Giveaway she is hosting for us!

Places where you can find Jenni online: 

Her Blog, Facebook Page, and on Twitter.

Good Luck to all entrants!  The Giveaway ends June 5, 2011.   See This Mama Loves Her Bargains Blog to enter to Win a $25 eGift Card to go Shopping at The Baby Store Plus!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NEW $6.95 Flat-Rate Shipping ~ No Matter How Full Your Shopping Bag Is!

We have totally re-vamped our Shipping Fee Structure!  When our customers -current, past, and future - give us feedback, we listen!  

Here is what they have been telling us:
  • I love to shop without worrying about what the shipping fee's might be.
  • I Love Free or Very Low Shipping fee's.
  • I hate surprises at checkout!
  • I really hate to have to jump through the hoops of check-out (entering my address, etc) after adding each and every item to my shopping cart, just to keep tabs on what the shipping charges are going to be. 

So we took all of this feedback into consideration, crunched some numbers to see what we could afford to do, and we did some brainstorming over the last several weeks.  Although we can not afford to offer Free Shipping on all orders, this is what we did come up with...

Flat-Rate $6.95 Shipping!
Regardless of how full your Shopping Bag is.  

So now, whether you spend $20.00 or $200.00 at The Baby Store Plus, you are not going to pay one penny more than $6.95 in shipping fee's.  Now you can shop to your hearts content and not have to worry about how much the shipping fee's are going to be.  No surprises at checkout. You don't have to keep playing with quantities in the shopping cart, trying to get the shipping fee within a range you can afford.  You will know that your shipping fee will never be more than $6.95! 

Before putting this new shipping rate structure into play, we had to first think of all of the possible "What-ifs," and address those concerns in the best way we could.  Here are some of those concerns:

What if I am only purchasing a small item that would normally ship for less than $4.00???  What we decided to do was make our most popular, light-weight products Ship for Free!  You can find those items listed in our New "FREE SHIPPING" Category.  When you order any of those light-weight, popular products, you will incur Zero Shipping Charges!  Of course once you add at least one other item not in this category to your cart, then you will incur the Flat-Rate $6.95 Shipping Charge for that total order.  

What if the light-weight item I want to purchase is Not one of your 'Most Popular' items listed in the 'Free Shipping' Category We have thought of that as well and we created a Special 1st Class Mail rate of $3.95 for any order total with a total shipping weight under 13 oz, (of products NOT listed in our 'Free Shipping' Category), then the shipping fee will be reduced to just $3.95.  Once the total weight of the order goes over 13 oz, then the shipping fee will be the Flat-rate $6.95.

Some large online stores offer 'So-Called Free Shipping for orders over $25.00', but they take forever to ship the order unless I pay for shipping...Will my order with The Baby Store Plus be shipped by the slowest method possible since I am only paying $6.95 in shipping fee's?  No! First of all, we will still process and ship your order within 1 business day, just as we have been doing.  The method of shipment will be our choice, however we want you to receive your order as quickly as possible so we will look at all shipping methods available to us, be it Parcel Post, Priority Mail, or FedEx.  In 90% of the cases, Parcel Post and Priority Mail rates are pretty close.  If we see that it will cost us an extra $1.00 more for Priority Mail over Parcel Post, then we always pay up and choose Priority Mail.  We also compare Priority Mail and FedEx for any order over 4lbs.  If the prices are pretty close, we choose FedEx in most instances.

However, if you need an order FAST! you will still have the option of selecting (and paying for) an Expedited Service such as USPS Express Mail, FedEx Express, or FedEx Express Saver.  NOTE: Any products listed under the "Free Shipping" Category will only be shipped by 1st Class Mail.  If you need one of those items shipped via an Expedited Service, please contact us for a special rate calculation.  

What about shipping outside of the lower 48 US States such as Alaska or Hawaii...will our shipping charges be higher?  Nope!  This Flat-Rate $6.95 Shipping Charge will cover all orders shipped anywhere in the US and it's territories.  We will even ship to military addresses (APO's and NPO's) at this same rate, because we love and support our soldiers and their families!

So, how about some feedback?? What do you think about our New Shipping Fee Structure?  Does it satisfy all (or most) of your concerns with regard to shipping charges for online shopping? Share your thoughts by emailing me :)

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Monday, May 9, 2011

FREE Shipping at The Baby Store Plus! Oh Yeah!!!

Who doesn't love FREE SHIPPING?!?!  In Honor or Mom's and Moms-to-be, The Baby Store Plus is offering FREE SHIPPING on Select items specifically for Moms!

We have created a Special Category in our store just for Products that qualify for Free Shipping in our store.  Many of these items are Specifically for Moms, such as Bra's, both nursing and non-nursing bra's like our popular Coobie bras.  We have also included some Nursing Tops, BellaBands, Nursing Covers, and  Nursing Gowns as well.  Pregnant moms will love that our complete line of Prenatal Cradle products are included in this FREE Shipping Offer.  C-section moms will appreciate that our C-Panty products now Ship for Free!

How long will this Special Last???  We have not decided may never end, depending on how much our mama's like it.  So enjoy the Free Shipping on these Select Items and give us some feedback!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma...Happy Mother's Day! ~ SALE

Sorry to interrupt what we hope is a Fabulous Mother's Day...we just wanted to say...

Happy Mother's Day Mom's, Grand-Mama's, and Great-Grand-Mama's!

Awww, now this is the way to spend Mother's Day!

To celebrate this very special day, I have been marking down tons of products from 10% to more than 60% Off, for moms, and their kiddos too!  I think we may have more items on sale, then are not on sale...I got a little Sale-Happy I guess.  But don't worry about taking advantage of these great deals today, go spend the time with your family...these deals (and maybe even more) are going to be available all month long!

Visit our store to see the great deals we have to offer you, available in all of our store departments like 'for Mom', 'Toys', 'On-the-go gear' and more!

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