Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GroVia #ClothDiapers Spring Fling Sale! Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!!!

The GroVia Spring Fling Sale is about to begin!  When you Buy ANY 3 One-Size AIO and/or Shells you will Get 1 FREE!  This unbelievable sale begins on April 1st at 12:01 am (est) sharp, and ends on April 30th at midnight.  Quantities will sale out fast so don't wait until the last minute...there are no rain checks in this sale!

GroVia Aplix Shell Nature
We have all of the new Prints and Colors available as well as some fabulous accessories.  Plus we will include a FREE 2/4 load Sample of Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent with every order that contains at least 1 Cloth Diaper (while supplies last).

Here is how it will work:

Beginning at 12:01am (est) on April 1st, you purchase at least 3 One-Size AIO (including Newborns) or Shell Covers (either Snap or Aplix) and we will include 1 Free with your order.   We will select the Free Diaper, it will be of a like style as at least one of the daipers you purchased.  Example: you buy newborns, the free one will be a newborn diaper.  If you buy 2 Aplix Shells and 1 Snap Shell the Free 1 will be either an aplix or a snap, our choice).  No coupon code needed, we will automatically include 1 Free Diaper for every 3 you purchase.  Buy 6 and get 2 Free, buy 9 and get 3 Free....you are only limited by our inventory on hand, but don't worry, we have stocked up for this event!

GroVia Snap Shell Owls
*Note, our Newborn AIO's will be on the website and available by the time the sale begins.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Attention Canadian Moms! We're now shipping to Canada ~ Beta Testing

Attention Canadian Moms! We are testing-the-waters, so to speak, with regard to Canadian orders.  We have many Canadian Moms who follow our blog and window-shop in our online store, but cannot order from us.  I get at least a few emails each week asking if we can make an acception to our 'Only Ship in the US policy.'  So for the benefit of our wonderful Canadian Mom followers, I have decided to give it a try.

So here is how the Beta Testing it is going to work...  If you are a Canadian Mom who would like to purchase any of the non-baby products in our store, please contact me via email or use the Live Chat link found at the bottom of every page in our online store.  The ordering process will be handled in a manual method while we are in the testing stage, so go ahead and browse around in the store, making a note of which product , sizes, colors, quantities, etc that you would like to order.  We will then gather those items and calculate the exact shipping rate for that order.  Once you approve the order & price details, we can arrange payment via credit card over the telephone or via online payment through Paypal.

There are some restrictions to orders being shipped to Canada, such as:

    ~ No baby or children's products will be allowed because there are just too many particular laws related to international shipments of childrens products for us to keep up with since we carry so many different childrens product brands.  

    ~ Most of our mother related products can be shipped to Canada (see the list below) so you will be able to order any of the items on our 'approved list' (below).   

    ~ There is a $5.00 (USD) processing fee added to all orders being shipped to Canada.  This fee covers shipping insurance, delivery confirmation, and the extra time it takes us to process the order because of the additional paperwork that is required here in the US when shipping to Canada.

    ~ All orders must ship via Priority Mail International.  Although orders may qualify for 1st Class shipping based on the weight, Priority Mail International is the lowest rate that offers track-ability, which is needed for packages to be insured.

    ~ The full purchase price of the order (less shipping & handling fee's) will be declared in the shipping documents and the customer is responsible for all duties fee's.

Our 'Approved List of Items' that we may ship to Canada are: (subject to change at any time)

Baby Be Mine
Prenatal Cradle
Earth Mama Angel Baby (limited items)
Coobie Bra's
DynaBelly / Zero2Nine Maternity & Nursing Items
SproutShell Infant Carrier Covers/Nursing Covers/Shopping Cart Covers
UnderCover Mama nursing tops
and other pregnancy, maternity, breastfeeding items on an item-by-item basis

If this works out well, we will eventually reconfigure our system to allow Canadian orders directly in our Online Store.  To place an order just gather a list of what you would like to order and either send me an email or try our Live Chat link at the bottom of every page.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newest Arrival: KnotIT Custom Bag Dispenser ~ Mom & Pet Owner Must-Have!

If there is one product that you really must-have in your diaper bag it is the KnotIT Custom Bag Dispenser by Prince Lionheart! Not just for human moms either, this is also a must-have for dog moms too! The KnotIT creates any size bag -anytime -anywhere! Ideal for locking away that stinky poo diaper, or picking up your dog droppings in public places.

The small cylinder dispenser holds 33 ft of lightly scented plastic bag toob that you simply pull up, tie a knot in the top, then pull out the size of bag that you need for that particular job (large bag for wet swim suits, or a small bag for an apple core), cut it off (with lid cutter), fill the bag and tie a knot in the other end...then toss it in the trash, or for wet swim suits or dirty cloth diapers just take it home to be opened when you are ready to clean the contents. The exact size bag for each individual need! Useful for dirty diapers, food waste, wet swimsuits, puppy poo, and so much more.

The KnotIT dispenser even has a handy clip so you can attach it to your belt or diaper bag for easy access.

Each KnotIT dispenser comes with two 33ft rolls for just $4.99. You can purchase refill rolls in 3 packs for 99ft of bag toob for just $4.99 also!

As a Grandmother and dog owner, I personally give this product my Seal of Approval!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

aMAMAnte Nursing Gowns and Bra's...Oh So Sexy!!!

Ooh La La! aMAMAnte Nursing Gowns and Bra's Are Oh So Sexy!!!

When you are pregnant and 'feel' like your belly is as big as the pregnant lady in our logo, or right after baby is born and you still have the 'baby belly', so you don't may not feel very sexy, but I have found a line of maternity and nursing gowns that will make you feel Hot!  The aMAMAnte line of breastfeeding nighties are designed to allow you room for your growing belly and easy access for nighttime nursing with the built-in sleep bra and pull-down access for no fuss 3am feedings, all while making you look and feel very pretty!

I love how great these gowns look on.  I even tried one on myself, and I loved how great it looked.  I am a grandma with an extra 15lbs of 'baby fat' still hanging around after 27 years, lol, and I felt very sexy in this gown.  The fabric is super soft and flows nicely to cover the soft areas, while accentuating the right areas.  And best of all, these beautiful gowns are made right here in the USA!
 Just look at the names of these fab colors available...Little Black Dress, Sexy Red Dress, Plum Passion, Turquoise Tranquility, and Hot Chocolate.  They are all available in our Online Store in various colors and in sizes from Small through 3X!

Who wouldn't feel Hot in one of these?

On Sale for just $32.99 each so you gotta get more than one color!

aMAMAnte also makes wonderful Nursing Bras that provide a smooth, softly padded cup and easy to open nursing flaps, in a great variety of the sizes that moms are always asking me for, like 36C thru 42DD! 

Plus they have these Comfy Sleep Bras in 2X & 3X sizes!

You can now find the new aMAMAnte Nursing Bra as well as the aMAMAnte Sleep Bra in our online store at prices that will please, on Sale for just $17.99-24.99!

I am always on the look-out for great products for mom, mommy-to-be, and the breastfeeding mom that make her life just a little easier, better, and more positive! I think I may have hit the mark with these lovely Nursing Gowns and Bra's.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PSST! We've got a Secret...

Psst! Wanna Save some $$$?

Look for me, I'm hidden in multiple places throughout our Online Store.  I move often and the value of my Secret Coupon Code varies from $1 to $20!

Several customers have already found many of them this week and Saved $$$ on their purchases.  Here is a hint of where to find them today...but remember, she is always on the move, you never know what product she will be offering a Secret Coupon Code for tomorrow!

Take a look at WubbaNubs, both the original and our Mary Meyer editionsPaci-plushies has one as well. For some really high value Secret Coupon Codes, take a peek at any of our double electric Breastpumps, or our ERGObaby Infant Carriers.  Since you are looking at infant carriers, better have a look at the Moby Wraps as well.  Another place to look is at our mimijumi breastfeeding transition bottles, plus our RazBaby and Boon products and you gotta see the Lanky Cats, if their BIG eyes don't get you the Secret Coupon Code just might.  These are just a few of the places where they are at this moment...but look for even more to be hidden in other places too!

I would love feedback on this or any of our promotions.  So far those who have found the Secret Coupons and used them have obviously loved them, but I would love to hear what you think!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Newest Arrival & Giveaway: New Zoobies Slumber Pets

The New Zoobies Slumber Pets arrived during our recent move and I was so surprised at how BIG they are!  I know that Zoobies said they were 'over-sized' but these are really huge!  Both of my grandkids could use one Slumber Pet as a pillow.  Another pleasant surprise that I discovered is that when the sleeping bag is removed from the doll, they are not flat!  They have lots of stuffing still inside so the pillow/doll is still fluffy and comfy.  If you have seen the regular size Zoobies dolls then you know they have really large blankets, and these slumber pets also have an impressively large zippered sleeping bag inside as well.

Watch this quick video to see just how great, and by that I also mean 'great sized' the New Zoobies Slumber Pets really are.

Let me introduce you to each of the New Zoobies Slumber Pets!

This is Gumdrop, he is a lovable Golden Retriever who is the perfect childhood companion.

This is Furbie the Feline, a calico cat that is sure to snuggle its way into your child's heart.

And here is Patch the Pinto, the softest, cuddliest pony this side of Texarkana, sure to trot its way into your child's arms for a long time to come.

WOW! 43" Long!  If your child is 43" or less from the neck down to their toes then they will fit just fine in these large, super-soft sleeping bags. Suggested for kids age 3+, but these Slumber Pets have been safely tested for use by children of all ages!

Thanks to the generosity of the great people at Zoobies (and our sweetie of a Rep Katie) we were given one Gumdrop the Golden Retriever Slumber Pet to Giveaway to one of our Lucky Readers!  If you would like to enter to Win a Zoobies Slumber Pet of your own, just follow the easy-peasy instructions below.  Don't let your chance of winning deter you from buying a Slumber Pet now because we are offering a Winners Guarantee...if you buy a Slumber Pet from our store now, and then you are selected as the Lucky Winner, we will either (your choice) send you a second Slumber Pet or give you an eGift Card worth $50 to spend on anything in our store!

Entering to Win is Super Easy...all you have to do is be an email subscriber to this blog.  Your email subscription must be activated, so please be sure to check your email after submitting your subscription request...then click on the activation link in the email.  If you are chosen as our Lucky Winner, and your subscription is not activated, I will sadly have to pick an alternate winner.

~Be sure to post an entry comment to say that you are now (or already were) a subscriber via email.  Include your email address in the entry comment so that I can verify the subscription if you are one of the two lucky winners chosen.

If you want more chances to win, after complete the first mandatory entry above, you can do any or all of the following for 1 Extra Entry Each {plus some Bonus Entries below}:

~ Follow @BabyStorePlus and @ZoobiePets on Twitter. Tweet to tell Zoobies "Thank You @ZoobiePets for the Zoobies Slumber Pets GIVEAWAY at @BabyStorePlus! http://ht.ly/4dvMJ {$50 value}" then leave a perma-link of your tweet in your entry comment.  You can tweet up to 3 times per day (1 entry per tweet) but they must be spaced out at least 4 hours so your followers don't feel spammed.

~ If you 'Like' us on facebook, please leave us a comment on our wall.  Leave your facebook ID in your entry comment so I can verify the wall post.

~ If you 'Like' Zoobies on facebook, be sure to tell them that Anna @ The Baby Store Plus sent you, and tell them which Slumber Pet is Your Child's Favorite!  (Leave your facebook ID in your entry comment so I can verify the wall post.)

~ Follow us with Google Friend Connect. {right sidebar}

~ Follow us with Networked Blogs {right sidebar}

2 Entries ~ Grab our Button {Upper Left Sidebar}.  Leave the url of your blog (where you placed our button) in your entry comment.  It should be located where I can find it within a reasonably short time. *I will follow your blog and add your blog button to my 'Share the Love Blog Button Page' in return :)

5 Entries ~ Purchase any Zoobies item at The Baby Store Plus during this giveawayInclude your order number in your entry posts.

This giveaway will close on April 6, 2011 at midnight (mst).  After that time we will pick a winner.  If the winner does not reply to my winning announcement email within 72 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen.  We will use Random.org to pick the winners. This giveaway is limited to the US only.

Good Luck Everyone and Thank You Zoobies!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Deal ~ SAVE $25 on $75 eGift Cards!

This week we are busy moving to our new warehouse/shipping center so I haven't had much time to work on our Thrifty Thursday Deal.  So I decided to make it something quick & easy that you can use to save serious bucks in our store, so for this week's Thrifty Thursday Deal you can purchase a $75.00 eGift Card for just $50.00!  

Use Coupon Code "TT-eGift310" to receive a $75 eGift Card for only $50!

PLUS...I have added a fun new 'PSST Secret Sale' feature to our store.  Look for an image like the one below, hidden in various places throughout our online store.  When you see the "PSST" image in our store you can save anywhere from $1 to $20 on the item where you find it.  There is no specific expiration date on the code...if you find a "PSST" Coupon Code, it is good for that item, only on the day you see it.  If the item is already on sale, then the Coupon Code will allow you to save even more $$ and who doesn't like that?
Hint: Click HERE to find one Secret Sale item.  Look for more throughout the store.

Another Hint...Breastfeeding moms returning to work might find a $20 Secret Sale.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am so Pooped! ~ We're Moving to our New Location...

I am so Pooped! For the last several days we have been moving to our new warehouse/shipping center.  That means that we are moving the contents of our 3200 square foot brick & mortar store to our 2400 square foot warehouse/shipping center!  It is not as cramped as it sounds, in the warehouse we can put things on our metal shelves that are over 6 feet high.  Plus we don't need all of the display area that we had to have in our brick & mortar store.

If you are new here, let me bring you up to speed...we opened our brick & mortar store in a small 1400 sq ft shop in February 2008.  After just one year we outgrew that space and moved to a larger 3200 sq ft store one block away.  In April of 2010 we added an online store to our business.  By August our online store had grown so rapidly that I was working my fanny off trying to keep up with two separate businesses.  We thought they would function as one business but it soon became obvious that each operation has it's own unique needs and the only thing they really shared was the inventory.  My small office had been taken over by my shipping supplies and I was going nuts. 

With the economy in our small town really taking a hit, the brick & mortar store appeared to have reached it's maximum potential, while the online store, which was open to customers across this great country was still growing and thriving beyond our expectations.  The day finally came in November 2010, after almost 3 years of being in business, to make a decision about what direction we wanted to take The Baby Store Plus. We decided to close the brick & mortar store and focus our attention on the online store.  Since we did not need the main street location for an online business, we started planning where we would set up our warehouse and shipping center.

That is how we got to this day, and the big move.  Through some strategic brainstorming we came up with a plan to make the primary move over a weekend, while keeping operations running smoothly without interruption.  I had my doubts that we could really pull that off, but so far we have.  I doubt that any of our customers were even aware of what was going on behind the scenes.  My office -slash- shipping hub, was disassembled on Friday afternoon and re-assembled in my new larger space by Friday evening.  We were even able to ship orders on Saturday (we don't normally ship on weekends) that came in on Friday evening.  I was anxious to give the new assembly-line style shipping center a test-drive.  It worked wonderfully...Whew!

The rest of Saturday and Sunday was spent moving inventory to the new warehouse.  I am so dog-tired now.  Tonight (Sunday) after we called it a day, I came home and soaked in a steaming hot tub.  I feel so happy about the move.  The new open space that is set up specifically for an online operation is going to make my work-life so much nicer.  We still have lots more to move, but most of this was already in our storeroom so it doesn't need to be packed, just moved to the new warehouse.

One neat thing about moving is that you find all kinds of hidden treasures.  In clearing out our storeroom I have already found several boxes of products that I didn't know we even had.  Somehow these things got tucked away in a dark corner and forgotten.  I will be digging them out and offering them as either fun giveaways or super discounted items...perhaps for our Thrifty Thursday deals. 

Another really cool thing about the move is that this was the perfect time to re-evaluate some things, such as our credit card processing system, our internet services, and our telephone system.  At our new location we were able to get a much faster internet connection, which means that I can get my online work done faster and we could also upgrade to a new online credit card processing service that offers seamlessly smooth credit card processing on a super secure server.  The change of these two things meant that we were not dependent on a traditional landline for our telephone service.  That meant that we were able to change to a cell phone for our business line.  That may not seem important on the surface, but with a cell phone I am able to take our business phone with me, and therefore provide personal customer service anytime, anywhere!  Now our customers who need assistance do not have to call during normal 'working' hours and take a chance on missing me when I've gone to lunch or to drop-off packages.  I can answer their call anytime and I can assist them right then.  I think that is pretty great! 

Well, that is all the energy I have for tonight.  Like I said in the opening of this post, "I am so Pooped!"  Thanks for taking the time to read our blog posts and for shopping in our store, we truly appreciate you.  You are the reason we are always working on our business, striving to offer you the best products and customer service that we can possibly give.  Thank you!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Deal ~ M & D TOYS 33.3% Off for 3 Days!

Because this weeks Thrifty Thursday Deal falls on the 3rd day of the 3rd month I decided to go with a 3's theme.  So for this weeks Thrifty Thursday Deal you can Save 33.3% that's 1/3 Off the regular retail price of ALL of our Melissa & Doug Toys for 3 Full days...or while supplies last!   

Use Coupon Code "TT-MD333" to receive a  33.3% Off all Melissa & Doug Toys! ~No limit to quantities.  Coupon Code Expires Saturday 3/5/2011 at 11:59PM (MST)

Remember, if your total purchase is over $75.00, after discounts and coupons are applied, then it qualifies for *FREE Shipping!!!  (*Free shipping offer is valid for orders being shipped within the lower 48 US States, just select Flat-Rate Shipping at Checkout)

Here is a sample of just some of the great Melissa & Doug Toys that we carry...

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*Free Shipping Offer is valid for orders over $75.00, after all coupons and discounts are applied, to destinations within the lower 48 US States. You must select the 'Flat-Rate' Shipping option.
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