Friday, October 29, 2010

Newest Arrival: BabyLegs ~ SAVE $1 on Leg Warmers this weekend!

On Monday I showed you some of our LegHuggers brand Leg Warmers that I had just added to our Online Store and finally today I have added even more leg warmers. These are the BabyLegs brand of Leg Warmers and they are So Cute!

Because I love you and your little ones so much, I am giving you this coupon code to Save $1.00 on Every pair of Leg Warmers that you purchase this weekend...regardless of the brand! (Sale good now through Monday, Nov 1st at midnight)

Just enter coupon code: "WarmLegs11" to Save $1.00 on Each Pair! Feel Free to share the code with your friends too! Fall is here and I don't know how cold it is in your part of the country, but here in Colorado it is Freaking COLD!!!

Just look at these cuties...

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween Weekend!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Newest Arrival: Agoo LegHuggers ~They will keep your little one's legs Cozy Warm in this cool weather!

And they are now available in our Online Store for just $9.95 each!

Agoo Leggings are not just for girls, baby boys can wear them too! They are great for your infants, crawlers, and potty trainers too! They will keep your infants legs covered from ankle to the top of their thighs but don't need removed for diaper changes. They cover upto or just above the knee for toddlers and older girls, and can even be worn on the arms when it gets a little nippy outside but not enough for a sweater. Unlike tights, they don't need to be pulled down by potty trainers. And they offer the cutest knee protection for crawlers because they actually stay on!

LegHuggers are made of 100% Bamboo Fibers that make them not only Super-Soft and comfy, it also makes them Ec0-Friendly too! At just $9.95 each with low (un-inflated shipping fees), LegHuggers are a must-have fashion accessory for the cooler months...and they make great stocking stuffers too!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Boxer's or Briefs for Your Baby?

When its Potty Training time which is your baby going to be wearing, Boxers or Briefs? You don't really have to choose, the question was just for fun because we just added the Cutest 'Baby's First Boxers' and Potty Training Pants to our store.

Here is my grandson Russell in his Boxers...aren't they just the Cutest? Sorry for the poor picture quality, he gets so excited every time he puts them on that he starts dancing so the pictures are all a blur, but my daughter was able to get one quick picture with her phone when he slowed down a second. They are adorable and even have a real opening in front for boys. Your little one doesn't have to be potty trained to wear them either, you can wear them on over a snug fitting diaper (like my grandson is doing) and they just look so darned cute! At just $2.99 each, you can afford to buy several. What a great way to make your little one feel so grown up. BTW, girls love them too.

For the beginning stages of Potty Training I recommend our 3-packs of White Potty Training Pants. They have 5 layers of fabric and filler in the center panel to really reduce the messes of accidents. Their elastic waist bands and generous sized leg openings make them easy for little 'trainers' to pull on and off by themselves. No frills printing, just basic white briefs at a reasonable cost at just $7.99 for a 3-pack.

Find both the Baby's First Boxers and the Potty Training Pants 3-Pack in our Online Store. Remember that we don't inflate our shipping fee's, each item is weighed and measured so you are only charged the actual cost to ship. And, if your total purchase is over $100 you can get it all shipped for FREE by selecting Flat-Rate shipping at check-out.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get a FREE Bumbino Cloth Diaper from Bum Essentials! Bumbelievable Speical!

WOW, this IS a Bumbelievable Special! Get a FREE Bumbino Cloth Diaper! I am a subscriber to the Bum Essentials Blog and I just received this email {with my notes added}:

Have You Heard the News
Listen closely (can you do that by e-mail) Well here is an event you don't want to miss.
FREE Bumbino
Here is how you get yours-

Go shopping and send us the receipt. (proof of purchase) Buy 2 regularly priced Bumbino's from any authorized retailer {that would include us at The Baby Store Plus} this week, send us the receipt and we will send you a FREE BUMBINO!! Valid THIS WEEK ONLY offer expires Sunday 10/24/2010 {OMG Hurry!}. Valid on orders placed Monday 18 - Sunday 24. Sorry not valid on previous orders. This offer is Bumbelievable!

Visit our Blog for direct links to the retailers {which again, includes us at The Baby Store Plus}.


{Okay, did you understand that these little additions were from us, not Bum Essentials, okay, just wanted to make sure.} This is one heck of a great deal! Just buy 2 Bumbino's from us at The Baby Store Plus (or you could buy them from one of the other authorized retailers, but who wants to do that when we offer 1 day (or less) shipping and about the lowest shipping rates out there, and we are so nice) so, back to my point, buy 2 Bumbino's between now and Sunday and send your receipt to Bum Essentials and they will send you a FREE Bumbino Cloth Diaper!!! That is a deal worth Shouting About! So go shout about this to your friends, followers, fans...and be sure to tell them that they should shop at Your Favorite store...yes, The Baby Store Plus of course!

Remember, we include a FREE 2/4 Load Size Sample of Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Laundry Soap with EVERY CLOTH DIAPER ORDER!!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

ONLINE ONLY SALE: Schwinn Jogging Strollers almost HALF OFF! ~w/ Coupon Code

ONLINE ONLY SALE! For our Blog Readers ONLY!!

We are Clearing out our Current Stroller Inventory to Make Room for the 2011's Coming Soon! Get in on this SUPER SCHWINN JOGGING STROLLER SALE at almost Half Off the Regular Price!!!
Regularly Priced $249.99, On Sale for 25% off at $187.49 AND with THIS Coupon Code you can take an Additional 20% Off for a Net Price of just $150 Plus Get FREE SHIPPING within the lower 48 States!

Now through October 24, 2010 at Midnight (MST), ONLINE ONLY use Coupon Code: "RockBottom" to receive an additional 20% off the Already Discounted Price! Plus choose Flat-Rate Shipping at Check out and we will Ship it for FREE anywhere in the lower 48 States!


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Add YOUR Blog or Event Button to our New and Improved Fav Blogger Page! -UPDATE

UPDATE: After discovering that my Events Buttons section was causing so much confusion, I moved the Events Button section to the bottom of my blog. I will try to find a better location with more visibility later, but I needed somewhere to move it temporarily.

Add YOUR Blog or Event Button to our New & Improved "Favorite Blogs & Blogger Events" Page! Thanks to the new Linky Tools we now have a Self-Managed and Neatly Organized Blogger Button Page! Previously I would enter all of the blog buttons and event buttons myself, and the page got to looking a bit disorganized and messy, not to mention time consuming. Now Family Oriented Bloggers can add their own buttons to our page. If you have a Blogger Event button you want some extra exposure for...add it to Our Page!

I do have a few easy-peasy requirements before you can add your button to our page. 1.) Your blog must be family-oriented, No adult theme blogs [if you must be 18 to view your site, do NOT add it to the list.] 2.) You must post our button on Your Blog too. For Event Buttons, in addition to #1 and 2, you must also include the ending date in your caption/title. That's pretty easy don't you think?

Grab Our Button:

If your button is already on our "Favorite Blogs" page in the 'old section' (near the bottom in the messy, disorganized area, then you will still need to add your button in the New & Improved section because I will be deleting the buttons in the old section very soon.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who is that Baby Store Lady?

While this blog is primarily for and about the store, filled with information that we think is of value to parents , grandparents, and caregivers, it is also a reflection of me and my values. In each post you get a small taste of 'me' sprinkled here and there. But do you ever wonder, "Who is that baby store lady?" What is she like outside of the baby store? I do have a life outside of the baby store ya know...not much, but I do have one, lol. This is my most recent picture...I don't like my picture to be taken, so once every few years is about all that I will stand still for.

In the nearly one year since I created this blog, I have gotten to know quite a few bloggers on a personal level. They started out as followers, but through their comments, responses to my emails, tweeting me on Twitter and/or writing on our Facebook wall, they have become virtual friends. We now follow each others blogs, communicate via emails, twitter and facebook. We have learned the names of each others family members and follow events happening in each others family lives. Sometimes we are even a shoulder to 'virtually' cry on when things are not going so smoothly in our lives.

If you would like to get to know me on a personal level, then I invite you to visit my personal blog. It is called "I am Nanny Anna". I think of it as my open journal of my personal path through the stages in my life. I am an Over 40 Blogger, about to be an Over 50 Blogger, so there are lots of things changing in my life right now. In my heading it says, "Life is Like the Changing Seasons. Walk with me as I leave behind my Summer Season and Enter my Fall." I wrote a full post that explains what that means to me. In the past I have kept my personal blog separate from my business blog, but I don't feel the need to keep the two separate any longer. I have even added a list of current posts on each blog in the left sidebar telling the readers what is going on at the other blog. So when you are visiting here, learning about a great new product to make a mama's life a little easier, then you can see what I am chatting about over on my personal blog.

Here is my cute new button that Sheila from Blog Designs by Sheila created for me. She actually just did a complete makeover on my personal blog to make it more Personal. I love her designs, and she is so easy to work with. She also designed this blog too.

I am Nanny Anna

So, if you would like to get to know the 'Woman behind The Baby Store Plus', lol, come on over and visit me at "I am Nanny Anna", I would love to get to know you better as well :)

The timing is also perfect for this Blog Hop...

Acting Balanced

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Were you part of the 'trend' at The Baby Store Plus this week?

[Warning, this is a silly, but interesting post]

Do you ever wonder what other people buy? I like looking into other peoples grocery cart at the store, just to see if they buy any of the same things that I do. I also try to figure out things about them by what's in their cart. For example, if a middle-aged man is shopping alone and buys frozen pizza, snacky junk food, a six pack of beer and no toiletries, it probably means that the wife is gone for a few days and he is rejoicing in the fun foods she wont let him have. If a girl that looks to be about 18-ish is buying toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste, ketchup, mustard, plastic wrap, a dish drainer, dish towels, and a huge stack of paper plates, she is probably moving in to her first apartment on her own. After watching a few people I sometimes get a little self-conscious about what's in my cart, lol.

Being interested in such things is probably why I enjoy reading the weekly Trending Report that my website generates for me. I find it very interesting to see what was the most popular products purchased on our website each week. I wish there was a way to automatically post it on the website because I think other people may find it interesting too. Unfortunately, it is only provided for the Administrator of the website, but I thought, just for fun, I would publish this weeks Trending results. It is a list of the top four, most purchased items on our website for the last week, ending Sunday at midnight.

Well here it is...if you think its interesting, (or even a little weird), let me know. {By the way, this week was a busy week for Coobie Bra's but they are not always in all 4 top positions}.

Coobie V-Neck Bra with Lace in Black {I nearly sold out of these this week! Have more on the way now}

#2. Coobie V-Neck Bra with Lace in White

#3. Coobie Scoopneck Bra in Black

#4. Coobie Scoopneck Bra in Mocha {this one is my new favorite too. The color is so...Frappacinno Mocha Coffee! Which is the fuel that starts my day.}

Last week the top 4 items were 2 safety related products, the Coobie Scoopneck Bra (always at least 1 spot in the top 4), and the WubbaNubs.

So, did you purchase any of these items this week? Were you part of the trend at The Baby Store Plus, lol? Were you thinking about purchasing any of them? Had you even heard of these items before now? I wonder what will be the Top 4 next week?

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Thank you for participating in our "Breastfeeding is Best for All Babies" Event ~Discount Code

We have wrapped up our "Breastfeeding is Best for All Babies" event. All of the winners in each event have been selected, notified, replied, and shipped! I want to thank each one of you for helping to make the event an extremely successful one. I hope all of our Winners will enjoy the Wonderful Prizes, many of which were donated by our wonderful manufacturer's such as Medela, Undercover Mama, and Bamboobies, as well as our Baby Store Plus eGift Cards.

For all those who participated but did not win, we would like to say Thank You with a Special Discount Code worth 10% Off Any Purchase now through the end of October. Just enter "BISFAB10" at the time of check-out to receive the discount.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Do You Love Fraggle Rock? ~ We've Got Them!

Do You remember the Jim Hensons' Fraggle Rock Show?

I remember the first time my daughter ever saw the Fraggle Rock Show. She was 2 years old, we were at my parents house, where they had HBO. We didn't have such luxuries at our home (I was a poor, young, single mama). We were cooking in the kitchen and my father called my daughter into the livingroom to show her the new program he had discovered on HBO. He put her up in his big rocker recliner and turned on the TV. The colors were so vivid and the music, songs, and animation of the Fraggle Rock characters were simply mesmerizing to her. She was instantly glued to the TV. We tried to get her attention to come to dinner when it was ready but she would not break her stare, so dinner had to wait another 5 minutes until Fraggle Rock was over. This was HBO so there were no commercials to distract her attention. When the program ended after a full 30 minutes, she turned and looked as us as if she had been lost in some sort of time warp. That was it...she was hooked.
We made it a regular event to go to Papa's house each week at 7:30 pm to watch Fraggle Rock. I am sure she (we) has seen every single episode, at least a few times. No other TV character ever held her attention like that. I didn't mind it either because each episode taught a different lesson about working together, sharing, helping each other, and learning about new people, places, and things. She is now almost 29 years old and still loves the Fraggle Rock characters. When she has children herself, I am sure she will share her love of Fraggle Rock with them.

We now we have the Fraggle Rock Forever Collection in our store! I could not resist them because each character brought back such happy memories. They were created with such intricate detail from their soft bodies, vivid colors, silky fly-away hair, down to the details in their clothing so that each plush doll looks exactly like they did on the show. They are approximately 15" tall and have weighted bottoms so they can sit unassisted. You can now buy your Fraggle Rock Forever Collection plush dolls at The Baby Store Plus for just $25.00 each. If you don't find the one you are looking for, we may be out of that one temporarily, just let me know and we will notify you as soon as it becomes available again.

Create some great memories with your little one by putting the Fraggle Rock Forever Collection plush dolls on their Christmas List.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Newest Arrival: Halo Technical Comfort System Infant Sleepwear

Winter is on its way, whether you are ready or not. I love winter, it is my favorite season of the year. I love snuggling into my bed under a big down comforter, sipping hot cup of tea while I work (and play) on my laptop. I find it very difficult to sleep when it is too warm so I keep the temperature rather cool in my house and just wear my long-johns all day. I have always preferred the cold weather to hot, but it presented a problem when my kids were infants. I always worried about them getting too cold at night. My kids were the only babies I knew of that got a heat rash in the dead of winter. With the new information related to SIDS it is advised that you don't let your babies get too warm while they sleep, so that makes a mommy like me really worry because getting too cold is not good for baby, but getting too warm is down-right dangerous. That's why I was so excited to learn about a product by Halo with a Technical Comfort System...Have you heard of this?

The Halo Technical Comfort System (TCS) Coveralls & 2 Piece Sets are not only the cutest little things on a baby, they are also healthy for their skin. The HALO® Technical Comfort System® is made of Coolmax®, a breathable, high performance fabric that keeps baby comfortable and their skin healthy all year long. They are perfect to wear as sleepwear throughout the year, and great under a Sleepsack at night or as undergarments during the day.

Here in Colorado where we get a ton of snow in the winter that lasts all the way until spring. This creates a constant worry for moms trying to keep their babies warm enough, but not overheat them at the same time. With TCS the baby remains cooler in warm temperatures and warmer in cool temperatures. The fabrication also reduces perspiration and the risk of dehydration that can occur when parents overdress their baby. The wicking properties help to maintain a stable body temperature for baby.

Coolmax fabric has been used by athletes for years. Halo has taken this technology and paired it with an inverted zipper (on coveralls) for easy diaper changes, turn-over cuffs (on coveralls) to prevent baby from scratching their skin, and smooth seams (all styles) to prevent skin irritation. The fabric is also chemical-free and has an inherent SPF factor of 30+, both benefits which won't "wash out" from the garment. Speaking of washing, the TCS garments are also no-hassle machine washable.

At this time we have limited styles, quantities, sizes, and colors available. Sizes ranging from 0-3 months through 6-9 months size, in Aqua and Navy Blue, in Coverall and 2 piece styles. The suggested retail price is $22.95, but we have them on sale for just $19.50, and for the remainder of October, while supplies last, YOU can save an Additional 20% Off by using Coupon Code "Halo20TCS"! That is a savings of $3.90 off the Sale Price! Get them while they last, we are not sure when we will be able to get more in stock.

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We've added a New product line to our store ~ Prince Lionheart

We've added a New Product line to our store. It's only new to our store because Prince Lionheart has been around since 1973. They are known for their innovative, quality products at affordable prices. We have received several items so far and more are on their way so I will share all their great products with you as they arrive.

The one I am most excited about is the Ultimate Wipes Warmer. It has the exclusive Ever-Fresh System so you don't have the problem that I have experienced with other wipe warmers in the past...that is the drying out, turning brown, and just not smelling very fresh if you don't use them fast enough. I love having a warm, moist, fresh wipe for cleaning a babies bottom. No one wants a cold wipe used on their bottom -how unpleasant!

The Ever-Fresh System utilizes ever-fresh pillows that are inserted between the heating surface and the wipes. This not only keeps the wipes from drying out and turning brown, it also works as an effective anti-mocrobial. Each Ever-Fresh pillow lasts for 3 months and we have 2-pack replacement packs for when you need them. The Deluxe Wipes Warmer is available for just $25.99 and the replacement pillows are just $9.99 for a 6 months supply.

If you are looking for a great Baby Shower Gift for a baby due this fall or winter (or any season really), then you should pick one up. We can even ship it, nicely wrapped, (at no extra charge) to the baby shower recipient if you are not able to attend the shower yourself.

Some of the other great Prince Lionheart products to arrive this week are something that will give you a little peace of mind once your little one becomes mobile. They are the Cushiony Foam Edge & Corner Guards. We now have them in Jumbo sizes in 6 foot lengths for long sharp edges, and shorter strips with Corner guards included to completely wrap the edge of a table of any shape, square or circular. If you just need to smooth out a corner here and there to protect your little one as they round the end of a coffee table or counter top, we have sets of just Corner Guards. All of the Prince Lionheart Edge Guards are easy to install and just as easy to uninstall when they are no longer needed. With neutral colors like Beige and Chocolate you can protect your little one from sharp edges in your home without looking too obvious.

And one final item that arrived with this first shipment are the Jumbo Toy Hammocks. These are so wonderful for getting your childs toys up off the floor. Kids tend to collect tons of stuffed toys so having a neat place to keep them that can even double as a display or decoration in their room is a must-have. Hang one in your bathtub area and you have a great place to put bath-toys after bathtime. The mesh net allows the toys to dry faster and drip right back into the tub. Each Toy Hammock comes with both Hooks and Suction cups so you can hang them just about anywhere you like. They stretch out to 4 feet wide and look great in the corner. We will be getting some smaller Toy Hammocks in our next shipment too, that shipment is due to arrive very soon.

What else is coming??? Sneak Peak...a really cool device called a Seat Saver that goes under your childs car seat to protect your cars seating surfaces from the sharp edges of infant and toddler car seats, prevents skidding on smooth surfaces like leather and vinyl, and even provides some protection from spills and dropped snacks, plus they have storage pouches that hang in front of the seat to keep small toys, books, spare diapers, or anything that you might need while driving in the car with a little one. I will have pictures and tell you more about them when they arrive, which should be next week I believe.

Click on any of the images above to see those items in our store and learn more about them...or to purchase them! Remember, we ship all orders within 1 business day (or less), we don't mind shipping to a gift recipient, and all orders over $100 qualify for FREE Shipping within the lower 48 States. (just selected Flat-Rate Shipping at Check out) Just to make it fun...Take 10% Off your order of any Prince Lionheart products this week with this Coupon Code: "PrinceLionheart10" valid until 10/15/2010.

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