Thursday, October 14, 2010

Add YOUR Blog or Event Button to our New and Improved Fav Blogger Page! -UPDATE

UPDATE: After discovering that my Events Buttons section was causing so much confusion, I moved the Events Button section to the bottom of my blog. I will try to find a better location with more visibility later, but I needed somewhere to move it temporarily.

Add YOUR Blog or Event Button to our New & Improved "Favorite Blogs & Blogger Events" Page! Thanks to the new Linky Tools we now have a Self-Managed and Neatly Organized Blogger Button Page! Previously I would enter all of the blog buttons and event buttons myself, and the page got to looking a bit disorganized and messy, not to mention time consuming. Now Family Oriented Bloggers can add their own buttons to our page. If you have a Blogger Event button you want some extra exposure for...add it to Our Page!

I do have a few easy-peasy requirements before you can add your button to our page. 1.) Your blog must be family-oriented, No adult theme blogs [if you must be 18 to view your site, do NOT add it to the list.] 2.) You must post our button on Your Blog too. For Event Buttons, in addition to #1 and 2, you must also include the ending date in your caption/title. That's pretty easy don't you think?

Grab Our Button:

If your button is already on our "Favorite Blogs" page in the 'old section' (near the bottom in the messy, disorganized area, then you will still need to add your button in the New & Improved section because I will be deleting the buttons in the old section very soon.

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  1. thanks for the new link up... meant to respond when I did it, but got distracted by the 4 year old :)

  2. I just added mine :) Still waiting to be lucky enough to do a review/giveaway for you guys!!


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