Monday, May 31, 2010

FREE Gift for DADDY-To-Be! (in-store)

From now through Fathers Day, The Baby Store Plus will give a Free issue of "Guys Guide To Pregnancy" by Frank Mungeam, to every Father-to-be that comes into the store shopping with his pregnant Mommy-to-be. (while supplies last)

About the Book...Publisher's Note:
Just because fathers-to-be don't experience morning sickness, weight gain, fatigue, cravings. and wild mood swings doesn't mean they don't need a little help. There are hundreds of pregnancy guides on the market. but few of them focus on men A Guy's Guide to Pregnancy prepares men for the changes ahead with short informative chapters that keep Information digestible and a light-hearted tone that makes it fun. Future fathers will find out what to expect when they enter "The Pregnancy Zone". They'll discover the right and wrong answers to lethal questions like. "Do I look fat?" ("Hint: 'Yes' is the wrong answer"). They'll also learn the truth about sex during pregnancy ("Yes, you can touch her"), plus delivery room do's ("stay upright") and don'ts ("don't complain about missing the big game"). Each chapter includes anecdotes from real-life guys who survived their partner's pregnancy.

So mama's to be, if you would like your daddy-to-be to be more informed, involved, and prepared for what is happening throughout your pregnancy and birth, then bring him in with you on your next shopping trip to The Baby Store Plus. Be sure to ask us for his "Free Father's Day Gift" when you are checking out. Although this offer is good until Father's Day, supplies of this book are limited so hurry in soon to get your copy.

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I Love Twitter & Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray

I love Twitter. I have learned of so many new products and met so many great people while chatting with friends in 140 characters or less. In fact, many of the products in my store were discovered via Twitter. I originally started using Twitter as a business networking tool, but soon found that I really enjoyed it for my personal fun too.

One person I met in recent months is Kathy Dalton, co-founder of a product that I want to share with all the moms I know. It is the Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray. I don't have this product in my store...yet, but don't be surprised to find it here in the future. It is like Fabreeze, in that you spray it into the air and it instantly neutralizes stinky orders, such as poopy diaper smell. But Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray is even better because you can spray it directly on your baby's butt after diaper change to sooth and moisturize his sensitive skin.

Here is what Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray says about their product on their website:

Little Stinker, The Baby Butt Spray that was developed to de-stinkify your little ones while gently moisturizing their bums. Spray in the air before a stinky diaper change to make the task more bearable. Spray on baby's bum after each diaper change to keep their skin moisturized, soft, and smelling fresh.

Use on diaper pails, bedding, bedrooms, stinky feet, husbands, or anywhere else that might need a little destinkification. Quickly eliminates lingering odors.

Contains certified organic bontanicals.
Sooths, calms, and gently moisturizes skins. Proudly made in the USA. 100% recyclable.

Only the Good Stuff: Formulated without Parabens, Hypoallergenic, and made with Allergen-free fragrances. Dermotologist and Pediatrician tested -parent appreciated and recommended.

My Personal Experience with Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray:

As I said, I met Kathy on Twitter and we started talking about her new product that she would soon be introducing. I was intrigued by the idea that you could use a product to neutralize poopy diaper odor AND use the the same product directly on baby's bottom to moisturize the baby's skin. I told Kathy how I could really use a product like that because my grandkids are at work with us at my baby & maternity shop and all although my customers weren't shocked to smell an occasional poopy diaper in a baby store, it would be nice to be able to neutralize the odor instantly. So Kathy offered to send me a sample when the product was released.

Well, a few months ago Kathy sent me two bottles of Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray as promised. We gave it a try the very first day it arrived. My grandson seems to have nap-time poop schedule because everyday just before is lunchtime nap he messes his diaper. And on this day it was particularly smelly. I crossed my fingers the the Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray would really work. I opened his diaper and sprayed one pump of Little Stinker just over his diaper, right at the stinky mess inside. To my surprise, the poopy smell did fade away. It was replaced by a nice smell of Lavender & Vanilla, my two favorite scents. Then when I was done cleaning his bottom I sprayed another pump of Little Stinker directly on his bottom. He gave me a quick startled look but was not unhappy about the spray...I think it just took him by surprise that I wasn't smearing his bottom with a cream or ointment. After tying the poopy diaper up in a small bag and dropping it in the trash I sprayed one more pump in the air over the trash can and the room did NOT smell poopy! It really worked.

As stated on Little Stinker's website, the Baby Butt Spray can be used on all sorts of odors. One funny, but sad experience, that we had in the store where Little Stinker saved the day was when a drunk, homeless man came into the store begging for money. He claimed he needed money for gas for his car, but I knew it was for liquor and not a car. I was almost knocked over by the strong smell of liquor, urine, and who-knows-what else (I did not want to know) that was lingering around this man. I asked him to leave the store, which he promptly did, but the odor just hung there in the air. I was literally feeling nauseated by this awful smell. Then I remembered the Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray. If it could neutralize some of the smelly poopy diapers my grandson had, then it was worth a try to see if it could neutralize this order too. I grabbed the bottle and sprayed one pump in the air where the main smell seemed to be. It worked, almost instantly. I followed the smell all the way to the door spraying a few more pumps and the odor was gone. I was totally amazed at how well it worked.

We just ran out of Little Stinker so I am ordering a new bottle today. The 4 fl oz bottle costs $11.95, which you might think is a bit pricey, but it really does not take much to eliminate the odor...a little goes a long way. I can honestly recommend this product to any mom with a little one in diapers. I am sure the visitors to my store appreciate that we use it too.

This is not a review, not a giveaway, not a paid sponsorship...this is just my honest experience with a great product that I wanted to share with mama's & grandma's who read my blog.

Find me on Twitter @BabyStorePlus. Find Kathy & Little Stinker on Twitter @MyLittleStinker.

Learn more about Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray, and purchase a bottle for your smelly baby's butt, on their website at They will be introducing a few new products soon...look for Natural Nursing Balm & Cooling Breast Cream COMING SOON!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Ingrid & Isabel BellaBands are in...

We just received a new shipment of Ingrid & Isabel BellaBands!
The White's & Blacks are back in stock!

For those of you who may not be familiar with BellaBands...

They are are a 'Must-Have' clothing item during your Pregnancy. The BellaBand will allow you to wear your pre-pregnant pants a little longer, if not all the way through your pregnancy. The BellaBand is worn over your unbuttoned pants in the beginning of your pregnancy so you don't have to buy maternity pants just yet.
Then as your tummy grows, they stretch with you and are wonderful to wear over your pants when you first start wearing maternity pants that are still a bit too big. They work fabulous to hold your pants up when you wear the 'underbelly' pants that are so popular these days.

And after baby is born they will help you ease back into your pre-pregnancy pants again. I even know some breastfeeding moms who use them to cover their after-baby tummies while breastfeeding.

This simple tube of specially designed fabric will become your most used piece of clothing throughout your pregnancy and beyond. With a large variety of colors available, you can coordinate with just about everything in your closet.

For a limited time the BellaBands are on sale in our store for just $23.95! This is a great time to purchase a few!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Fluffy Bottoms Cloth Diaper Event June 1-30th

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I have been tweeting quite a bit about cloth diapers lately. I am trying to learn about all of the different types of modern cloth diapers that are available these days. When my kids were babies I used cloth diapers but that was 25 & 29 years ago so my idea of a cloth diaper was a large piece of white cloth that had to be folded in a particular fashion to fit snuggly on a baby to offer complete coverage and hold the messiest of messes. I used safety pins to hold this diaper in place. I remember the ritual of rubbing the safety pin through my hair so it would slide easily through the layers of cloth -it was no fun poking yourself with a pin that got stuck in the fabric and needed to be pushed too hard. Then to top this lovely diaper, and hold the moisture and solids, I snapped on or or pulled up a pair of plastic pants. Much different then what is available today.

When my grandchildren where born I encouraged my daughter to use cloth diapers. I had such fond memories (believe it or not) of washing and folding the freshly dried cloth diapers and I wanted her to experience that too. She tried using the pocket cloth diapers but didn't stick with it because the laundry was just too much for her since she also works full-time. This was the catalyst for me to find the perfect cloth diaper that wouldn't create as much laundry, in hopes that she would give it another try.
As the owner of a baby & maternity shop I want to stock cloth diapers that I think are the most favorite of moms, but I just don't know enough about all of the varieties that are available to make that decision. That's why I have been talking (tweeting) with moms on Twitter so much lately. I have discovered that Twitter has a huge following of cloth diaper users. There seems to be quite a cloth diaper movement going on there. Just go to Twitter and search #ClothDiapers if you want to see for yourself. These Twitter Mama's have been very helpful in educating this grandma and I so appreciate all of their help. I have so much to learn!
One of those Cloth Diapering Twitter Mama's is Stephanie. She has a great blog called "My New Life As a Mom". If you have been considering cloth diapers for your baby, but just didn't know where to begin, this might just be the best time to start thinking serious about it because Stephanie is hosting a month long Fluffy Bottoms Cloth Diaper Event from June 1st -30th.

During this Fluffy Bottoms Cloth Diaper Event she is going to shed some light on cloth diapers with styles of cloth, price comparisons, common misconceptions and more importantly, how to care for them. Not only will she shed a little light on the fluff, but she'll also be giving away some pretty great prizes! I am so looking forward to reading all of her blog posts and learning all there is to know about cloth diapers...and winning some cool prizes too. One thing I am doing to earn extra entries in her Fluffy Bottoms Cloth Diaper Event Giveaways is to blog about the event. She will give anyone who blogs about the event, up until May 31st, 20 extra entries in each giveaway. You can do it too. Just see the rules on her blog.

Then be sure to subscribe to her blog via email so you don't miss a single blog post or giveaway...this is going to be THE Cloth Diaper Event that you don't want to miss!


Another June Cloth Diaper Event is being going on at "Home Grown Families"

Melissa is hoping that her event, "Cover the Booty Cloth Diaper Event" will help convert some mamas to cloth diapering! If you are an expectant mama, disposable using, or already loving cloth diaper mama this is the event for you!

Melissa will be talking about the different types of cloth, how to wash it, how to use it, and how cute they are! If you have any specific thing you want her to highlight you can email her at momtosprouts at yahoo dot com.

Have questions?

Join Melissa in on the Cloth Diaper Q & A Twitter discussion on June 22nd at 9:00 PM! She will have a few cloth diapering companies there as well, to answer any questions you have about cloth! Look for more details during the event!


Come back daily to enter all the great cloth diaper giveaways! "Cover the Booty" has teamed up with Kissaluvs, Envibum, Diapers Etc., Thirsties, Knickernappies, Snappi, Blueberry and MANY more to bring you the cutest fluff around!

You can gain some early entries helping to spread the word about this event! Grab her "Cover The Booty" button for an extra 3 entries and if you blog about this event and include the button you can even get an extra 5 entries! See her blog for all the details.

Be sure to visit her blog daily starting June 1st to join in on the fun!!!

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Easy Expression Hands-Free Pumping Bustier ~Now Available at The Baby Store Plus

One of the Top Rated names in Breastfeeding Supplies...that would be Medela, has added a new product to their already full line up of quality breastfeeding products. It's the Easy Expression Hands Free Pumping Bustier!

Easy Expressions Bustier has been around for many years and they are still Made in the USA! Developed in 1996 with the working mom in mind, the Easy Expression Hands-Free Pumping Bra holds a breastpump’s breastshields in place, allowing mom to pump breastmilk — and keep her hands free to type, read, eat or just relax. The Easy Expression Bra also enables a mom with a premature infant to hold her baby while pumping, which can facilitate milk production and let-down. It can be worn over a regular nursing bra.

Since The Baby Store Plus is an Authorized Medela dealer, it was only natural for us to add the Easy Expression Bustier to our large inventory of Medela products. You can find the Easy Expression Bustier in our local store and in our Online Shop too!

Simple one-piece design and single zip-up front allows you to effortlessly put on and take off!
  • Soothe your baby, email, read, eat, relax, text…all while pumping!
  • Makes ANY electric breast pump hands-free.
  • Works over ALL nursing bras.
  • Easy to wear, wash and use.
  • Sold everywhere since 2001!
  • Made in the U.S.A.!
The price for this wonderful product is just $33.95...Buy one Now!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pumping Bustier

The Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra provides convenience to mothers while they are pumping breast milk, leaving their hands free to do other tasks or simply take a break and relax. This comfortable and stylish soft pink bra features an adjustable band for a custom fit throughout your nursing period. The Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra is available in
two adjustable sizes; XS/S/M and L/XL/XXL. See size chart (below) for specific details.

Product Features:

Adjustable in size - maintain a tight fit over time with 10" adjustable velcro back panel.

Maintain a tight seal: center panel allows 2" of movement for proper positioning of breastpump flanges/bottles..

Four way layering support system: secures and maintains a tight seal of breastpump flanges/bottles.

Designed to work with all major manufacturers electric breastpumps.

Product Benefits:

Helps New Moms Multitask While Pumping
Breastfeeding mothers who need to pump on a regular basis know how time-consuming it can be. The Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra gives mothers more freedom during pumping by holding the bottle firmly and securely, so mothers can keep their hands free for other tasks.

With this bra, mothers can type, talk on the phone, or read a magazine while they pump. An added bonus, the bra's secure bottle-holding design helps reduce milk spillage, making for easier, more efficient pumping and increased breast milk production.

Comfortable and Versatile

This machine-washable bra is made of super soft 83% soft cotton and 17% spandex for lasting comfort. Plus, its seams have been designed specifically so that they do not irritate sensitive skin areas. The Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra can be used with all major brand electric breastpumps and accommodates the pumping of both breasts simultaneously. For added versatility, the bra's convertible design allows it to be worn as a bustier, halter, or racer-back-style undergarment. Adjustable to a Nursing Woman's Changing Shape

Designed with a nursing woman's body in mind, the bra's back panel can adjust its width by up to 10 inches, while the optional front zipper panel provides two inches of additional maneuverability between the breasts. This combination will allow mothers to customize the bra to their changing breast shapes during their entire nursing period.

  1. Achieve a Tight Seal

    Every body is different, therefore we’ve created a fit that is adjustable for your unique body. With two front zippers the Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier allows you to move the breast shields closer together or further apart by 2 inches, creating a perfect fit just for you.

  2. Many Ways to Wear

    The Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier has been designed with elastic reinforcement at the top for a secure fit, ensuring no slipping. For additional security the versatile Bustier comes with two straps which can be worn in halter, tank or racerback style. The Bustier can be worn on it’s own or slipped over your nursing bra with the flaps pulled down.

  3. Four Way Layering Support

    Secure and maintains a tight seal for breast shields.

  4. Maintain a Perfect Fit Over Time

    The Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier will adjust to the ever-changing needs of a mom. For those full, and not-so-full times and the changes of size increase or decrease over time, the Bustier's velcro back panel allows you to adjust the ribcage band size by 10 inches to adapt to your needs.

About Simple Wishes:
Empowering Mothers with Simple Solutions. Simple Wishes was founded by four sisters-and mothers-who can each relate to the joys and challenges of being a new mom. Bringing their diverse career backgrounds together, this dynamic foursome strives to create mother-friendly products for the modern woman.
Using their core product, The Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra, as a launching-pad, this company of creative momtrepreneurs plans on growing into a full lifestyle brand that continues to empower the mothering community. The Simple Wishes mission is to offer simple solutions: innovative products that help women succeed at parenting confidently while living a well-balanced, active, and courageous life. They believe a happy mom equals a happy baby and a happy family.

Size Chart of the Hands Free Pumping Bra


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Giveaways, Giveaways, Giveaways! (May 20th)

I Love reading product reviews about new products, especially the one's that include a giveaway! As the owner of a baby & maternity store it is part of my job to explore new products, so I am technically working when I read reviews & enter to win the great prizes. When I read a review for a product that I think moms (or grandmas like me) could really use, then I always contact the creator of that product to discuss the possibility of us carrying that product in our store.
Here are some of my recently discovered reviews & giveaways that I thought you might be interested in. They each include the last date that you can enter to win the giveaway item. Even if the date has passed, you should still go check them out.

Mama B has done several Cloth Diaper Reviews lately and I have entered all of the different giveaways. If you are thinking about going with Cloth Diapers but just don't know which type or brands to use then you can learn a lot by reading Mama B's reviews. Enter to win the different diapers which may give you the opportunity to try different types to see which ones you prefer.

Rocky Mountain Diapers are a one size diaper that feature a suede inner and an internal adjustment system to shorten or lengthen the waist and rise. I was first drawn to RMD's because of their delicious color choices: mango, blueberries, berry, lime, just to name a few.
Rocky Mountain Diaper company If you are in the market for cloth diapers then you must check out these great reviews & giveaways.

Read the full review on Rocky Mountain Diapers here, enter their giveaway too!


Another diaper that Mama B did a review for is the FuzziBunz that she received from Strawberry Kids. Strawberry Kids is a Cloth Diapering, Breastfeeding & Organic online shop.

FuzziBunz diapers are made from a waterproof exterior and a soft micro-fleece interior. The soft outer material acts as a moisture barrier keeping all wetness and messes where they belong, preventing leaks. Buttery soft micro-fleece is the material next to the baby's skin wicking moisture away from the baby to help keep your baby dry.
Be sure to read the full review on FuzziBunz and enter to win one while you are there. Giveaway ends May 31st.


I discovered a wonderful review & giveaway that Toddler Mama Blog has going on right now and it is something that I am very interested in. It is the 'Loop-2-Loop' which is like a belt for kids but there is no buckle to get in the way when potty training. If your child is like my grandkids, they are much taller than wider. Most of their pants that fit in the waist are short enough to be capri pants...not cool in the cold winters here in Colorado. So we have to find pants that fit in the length, then figure out how to keep their pants.

We currently use a device called the Dapper Snapper which is wonderful, but now with the Loop-2-Loop we have even more options. Read the full review at Toddler Mama's blog and enter to win one for your child before it closes on May 31st.


You have probably heard about the Pillow Pets...they are really making the news. Just about every blogging mom is talking about them and I have heard they are even making television commercials too. (I say heard because I don't rarely, if ever, watch TV). These guys are just adorable. They are a cute plush doll that opens up to become a 18" by 18" soft and fun pillow.
There are lots of different characters available. My grandson would love to have the Silly Monkey so I am trying to win him one. If you would like to read more about them and enter to win one for your little bug, then click on the image above to be taken directly to the review & giveaway on Toddler Momma's blog.

This giveaway closes on 5/25 so hurry on over to One Savvy Mom's blog to read what One Savvy Mom thought of the Pillow Pets and watch the cool video of the Pillow Pets in action! Then enter her giveaway to win the Pillow Pet of your choice! Be sure to check out all of the other great giveaways that One Savvy Mom has going on right now too!


WeeRide Kangaroo Carrier Kid’s Bike Seat (ends 5/31)

The WeeRide Kangaroo Carrier Bike Seat is very cool. I would love to win this to take my grandson Russell for bike rides. Although is mom (my daughter) would probably put it on her bike and I'd never see it again because now that spring has finally sprung, she has been taking evening bike rides. My grandson loves cars and everything about them so I think he would get a kick out of riding in the WeeRide Kangaroo because he can pretend he is driving.

I love the way the parents arms become a safety feature when in the riding position. I always worry about the kids when they sit behind you. It can be dangerous to keep looking back to check on them but this puts the child in the place that seems the the parents arms.

If you want to enter to win the WeeRide Kangaroo Carrier Bike Seat from Thrifty & Chic Mom, then just click on the picture above to be taken directly to her blog.


Got Stains? Kids ‘N’ Pets Instant Stain Remover Giveaway (ends 5/26)

If you've got pets or children then you have also go Spots & Stains! When my children grew up and left home I became what is called an 'Empty-nester'. To fill that empty nest I got a dog, which led to another. Then my first grandbaby was born, then another. We now have 3 small dogs, and 2 small grandbabies...all of which are stain creators. So when I heard about a stain remover that works for kid and pet stains I was immediately interested.

After reading Thrifty & Chic Mom's review I also learned that it removes odors too...that is fantastic with the pets because their little sniffer is so good, if you don't eliminate the odor, they will always find it -that is Not good when house training them.

If you would like to read more about the Kids 'N' Pets Instant Stain Remover and enter to win a bottle of your own, just click on the image above to be taken directly to Thrifty & Chic Mom's blog. As a Bonus...Kids 'N' Pets is also offering a free bottle to all new facebook fans. See Details on their facebook page.


To learn about more great giveaways that I am entering, follow me on Twitter...I always tweet about the great giveaways!

Have fun & Good Luck!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

WubbaNub Giraffe JUST ARRIVED!!!

We are so excited about the Arrival of the Newest WubbaNub...the Giraffe! Isn't she just the Sweetest? I assume she is a 'she', but I guess she can be what ever your little one wants her (him) to be. They Just Arrived!! They are very hot so don't wait to order yours or you might miss out!

The WubbaNub company confirmed that although they are flying out of their warehouse fast, our full order has been filled, so we will have them in our store any day now. The last time WubbaNub introduced a new member to the WubbaNub family they sold out almost immediately and may stores where put on a back order list for months. These are so cute, I can see that happening again this time.

But you can make sure that your little one gets a Giraffe by placing an Order for one, or heck even two Now! They just arrived in our store and are ready to be shipped!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hygeia Breastpumps ~ Award Winning GREEN Breastpumps

They Just Arrived!

It appears like I'm running on a breastfeeding theme with my recent 'Newest Arrival' posts. I am an avid supporter of breastfeeding so I am always on the look out for new great products to benefit breastfeeding moms, and recently I have found several.

One of my most favorite finds is the Hygeia Breastpump. I am almost giddy over this pump. It has so many really cool features, not just with the pump itself, but also with the company. I feel almost compelled to bring this pump into my store. It is available in both a Hospital Grade & a Professional Grade Double Electric Pump (can be used as a single pump too) with a full array of wonderful accessories & features that are sure to make this the hottest pump on the market in no time. Each pump can be purchased in combo kits with various accessories to fit your personal breast pumping needs perfectly, such as your choice of an internal rechargeable battery or an external battery pack. You also get to choose between two colors choices of the chic Carrying Case 'slash' Diaper Bag. Yes, I said Diaper Bag! Who needs to carry your breastpump bag, your purse, a bottle cooler bag, a diaper changing pad, and a diaper bag, when Hygeia provides such a chic, roomy, all-in-one Carrying Case that is a Full Diaper Bag?
A really cool feature that is on both the Hospital & Professional Grade Hygeia Breastpump is the unique Hygeia C.A.R.E. Button, for a Customized Audio Recording Experience, that allows you to record your baby's cry or cooing sounds to enhance your breastpumping experience. The Hygeia breastpumps also mimics your baby’s unique suckling patterns with customizable speed and pressure controls.
But the Most Impressive thing about this breastpump, that I feel sets it above even the well-know popular pumps, is that it is registered and certified with the FDA as a multi-user product! Therefore when you no longer need your breastpump, it can be safely re-used by another mom, as long as she purchases her own personal accessory set (which retails for just $35.00). This means fewer pumps in the dump! This makes the Hygeia Breastpump a very GREEN pump!

As if all of that were not enough to make you want to purchase a Hygeia Breastpump right now...there is one more thing that is totally unlike other breastpumps...the Hygeia company is so confident that you will LOVE your Hygeia Breastpump that they offer a 21 Day Risk-Free Total Compatibility Guarantee. If the Hygeia Breastpump is not fully compatible with a mother’s nursing needs, she can return it to Hygeia or an authorized dealer (that would be us) for a refund/credit. See complete details here, or see our in-stores return policy at the store or online with the item description. Additionally, Hygeia Breastpumps also carry a full 3 Year, Transferable Warranty!!!

The Hygeia EnJoye (Professional Grade) Breastpump Combo Kits that we carry in our store comes in two basic sets. #1) The EnJoye EXT Breastpump with a standard Power cord and an external battery pack that uses 8 AA batteries, plus a Personal Accessory Set, and your choice of a Brown/Blue or Black/Silver Diaper Bag/Carrying Case with a matching Cooler Bag for just $259.00 each; or #2) The EnJoye LBI Breastpump with a standard Power Cord and an Internal Rechargeable Battery, plus a Personal Accessory Set, and your choice of a Brown/Blue or Black/Silver Diaper Bag/Carrying Case with a matching Cooler Bag for just $299.00 each. Extra Personal Accessory Sets are available for just $35.00 each.

We also stock the Hygeia Breastmilk Storage Bags or Breastmilk Storage Container Bottles, and Disposable Nursing Pads that come in varying sizes to suit your individual needs based on your bra size (what a novel idea!).

More exciting news related to Hygeia...The Baby Store Plus is now an authorized Hygeia Rental Agent. For just $45.00 per month (plus the one-time cost of a personal accessory kit) you can rent a Hospital Grade Hygeia EnDeare Breastpump directly from our store in Cortez, Colorado.

Stop by the store or give us a call if you have any questions about the Hygeia Breastpumps or are interested in renting a Hygeia EnDeare Hospital Grade Breastpump, we are always available to help you with your questions and concerns.

All of these Hygeia products are now available for purchase from our Online Shop.

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Announcement: Results of our Baby Store Plus Cutest Baby Photo Contest!

The long awaited results of the Baby Store Plus "Cutest Baby Photo Contest" are finally in!

It was not easy for our judges to pick the winners because there were so many Cuties entered. If your little cutie was not chosen as a winner, it was NOT because they were not 'cute' in the judges eyes, it was simply because only one 'cutie' could win in each category...that is why it took nearly a month for the judges to make up their minds. I think a Cutest Dog contest would have been a breeze to judge for me, I think Every Baby is a Cutie, so I know there is no way that I could have ever made the final decision.

Here are the Winners of our 1st "Baby Store Plus Cutest Baby Photo Contest" hosted at

Grand Prize: Cutest Baby Photo...


Alana sitting in the bumbo, 2 month
Submitted By Whitney Harris
Whitney Wins a $50 Baby Store Plus Gift Card & a $50 Once Upon a Sandwich Gift Certificate

2nd Prize: Best Techical Composition Baby Photo


This is my grandaughter Mila. She's 9 months old and has the most beautiful, big brown eyes.
Submitted By JoAnn Trimberger

JoAnn Wins a $25 Baby Store Plus Gift Card & a $15 Once Upon a Sandwich Gift Certificate

3rd Prize: Most Innovative Baby Photo With a Pet

"Orin Star loves his dog Cliff"

These two were playing on the floor together just before Orin's 6 month birthday.
Submitted By Rebecca Samulski

Rebecca Wins a $25 Baby Store Plus Gift Card & a $15 Once Upon a Sandwich Gift Certificate

4th Prize: Viewers Choice (based on the total Number of 'Thumbs Up')

"Painting Easter Eggs :)"

Esiahs first Easter!

Submitted By Tianna Sandoval

Tianna Wins a $25 Baby Store Plus Gift Card & a $15 Once Upon a Sandwich Gift Certificate

I would like to once again thank everyone who joined in the fun of this Baby Photo Contest! We viewers really enjoyed see all of the "Cute" Baby Photos! I would also like to thank for hosting this contest and for providing the great prizes to the winners and technical support to us...I truly could NOT have done this without them.

The Winners received a message via the BuzzTown system. They can each come to The Baby Store Plus (with their ID) to collect their prizes!

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