Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Communities 1st Annual Early Childhood Fair

The 1st Annual Early Childhood Fair (ECF) was lots of fun. I saw a bunch of familiar faces -mommies and babies! Considering that this was the "1st" Annual event, I think it went pretty well. The pre-organization had a few communication glitches because everyone was trying to figure out what they were responsible for. But all in all, it came together nicely. I am already looking forward to the '2nd' Annual event next year.

The turn out wasn't bad either, considering it was a brand new event in our community. Many, if not all, of us vendors tried to help promote the event by posting on our business and organization websites and included notices about the event in our emails & written newsletters. The event was held inside the county annex building which is on a side street, two blocks from down town so passerby's were not likely to happen upon the event, you pretty much had to have heard about it from somewhere. I think an outside venue in the city park would have drawn much more attention, however the weather does not cooperate this early in the spring so I appreciated the warm building we were in.

At our booth I wore a Blue-Dots Moby Wrap with my 'rice filled' newborn baby that received lots of attention as everyone thought I had a real baby and stopped to admire him, then laughed as the realized he was not real. But they loved how I was able to hold him in the Moby Wrap so close to me without me feeling any discomfort from the weight (he weights 8 lbs), even after all day of wearing him. My hands were free to hand out coloring books & crayons, brochures about Giving Infant Massages, Moby Wrap hand-outs, and Free Pacifiers to help reduce the incidence of SIDS. I even gave a few one-on-one wrapping demonstrations to moms, grandmothers, and daycare providers too.

I also helped a young mommy who was operating her own booth while trying to hold her baby that was approx 8 months old. She was having a heck of a time holding the baby, who wanted to wriggle & grab everything close by while her poor mom was trying to hand out information to her booth visitors. I offered to wrap her & baby in one of our demo Moby's...she immediately accepted. For the next two hours her baby was happily wrapped in the Moby Wrap facing out so she could observe all the activity. She was calm and content to just wiggle her feet, move her hands about in animated play and smile at everyone as they stopped at her mommies booth. After about the first hour and a half she even fell asleep for about 30 minutes. The mommy was very impressed. She said that her baby had never been that calm & content before...she loved it!
At our booth we were hosting a Moby Wrap Giveaway. Visitors to our booth filled out entry ballots for a chance to Win a Free Moby Wrap of their own. At the end of the event we shook up the entry ballots and Rose from The NEST Child Advocacy Center, who shared a booth with me, pulled out the Winning ticket that belonged to Tiffany Neely. We sent Tiffany a quick email from my phone to let her know she won. She was so excited that she was at The Baby Store Plus within 30 minutes to pick up her Moby Wrap. She chose one of the New Tattoo Designed Moby Wraps! Tiffany has two children, one toddler and one new baby, so the Moby Wrap will be very handy for her. Congratulations Tiffany!

As I told everyone that visited our booth: "If you already own a Moby Wrap but haven't used it because you were overwhelmed by all of the fabric and wrapping instructions, bring your wrap and your baby to The Baby Store Plus anytime (I work Mon-Fri) and I will give you one-on-one instructions on wrapping. I will continue to do this as many times as you need until you can do it on your own. It is NOT hard, it just takes a little practice in front of a mirror, and soon enough you will be able to wrap in the dark!"

Rose from The Nest, Four-Corners Child Advocacy Center and I shared a booth. We thought we were a perfect compliment to each other because I demonstrated how to use the Moby Wrap to form 'Attachment Parenting' and she explained how Attachment Parenting can reduce the incidence of child abuse in your family.

As a Special Thank You to all of our Booth Visitors we will be emailing all of the entrants a Special Discount Code towards the purchase of a Moby Wrap of their own. If you entered our Giveaway at the Early Childhood Fair look for the Coupon Code to be emailed to you this week.

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  1. It would be so fun to do this! Must of been fun for yourself!


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