Saturday, May 15, 2010

WubbaNub Giraffe JUST ARRIVED!!!

We are so excited about the Arrival of the Newest WubbaNub...the Giraffe! Isn't she just the Sweetest? I assume she is a 'she', but I guess she can be what ever your little one wants her (him) to be. They Just Arrived!! They are very hot so don't wait to order yours or you might miss out!

The WubbaNub company confirmed that although they are flying out of their warehouse fast, our full order has been filled, so we will have them in our store any day now. The last time WubbaNub introduced a new member to the WubbaNub family they sold out almost immediately and may stores where put on a back order list for months. These are so cute, I can see that happening again this time.

But you can make sure that your little one gets a Giraffe by placing an Order for one, or heck even two Now! They just arrived in our store and are ready to be shipped!

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  1. I follow you now too! Yay! Cute paci things like this make me wish my kids took pacis!

  2. OH my gosh that is so cute.
    Kinda makes me wanna have a baby. lol..but just kinda...
    thanks for stopping by my blog

  3. Just started following....
    Check out our new line of clothes and follow back.


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