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Hello and Welcome to The Baby Store Plus Blog!

My name is Anna.  I am solely  person responsible for the content of this blog...good or bad.  I created this blog on behalf of my shop, The Baby Store Plus, so that our customers (moms & dads, grandparents, and all other caregivers) would have a single place to go to stay up-to-date on all of the stores activities, learn about some really neat and useful new products, find resources both in our local community of Cortez Colorado and surrounding communities, as well as online resources that are of value and importance to parents and caregivers everywhere.

Because I am a proud mother and grandmother, you will find  a bit of my personal life sprinkled here and there.  I am your typical Proud Grandmother of two beautiful babies that I love to brag about, so you will often hear me mention my granddaughter Sydney who turned 3 years old in February 2010, and my grandson Russell who is turning 2 this December.  They are the reason I get up each morning.  I am fortunate that I get to spend the day with my grandbabies, because they come to work in my shop everyday with my daughter.

My shop...it's like my child.  I dreamed about opening the shop for a very long time.  Wondering what it would look like, how it would become something special if I invested lots of time and effort in to it.  Thinking up a name took me forever but once that was done the idea for our logo (the Very pregnant mama-to-be) just came naturally. Then finally I 'gave birth' to this little shop in February of 2008.  Over the past two plus years I have spent many a sleepless nights worrying about she was doing okay. Hoping I gave her enough love and attention.  Working without any compensation for my time other than the pride I had in seeing what she had become.

One day, my little shop will not need me to be there with her every day, she will not need me to give her everything I have, from my last cent to the last minute of my day before finally falling asleep for the night.  And one day I will sit back and admire the wonderful little shop that she turned out to be and I will glow with maternal pride, just as I do everyday when I look at the wonderful women my daughters have turned out to be.
I thank you for stopping by.  Please enjoy your visit, read any post that interests you, share them with anyone that you think could benefit from the information, comment when a thought comes to mind, and know that you are welcome back anytime.


Feel free to comment on ANY post, or email me if you would like to comment in private.  I am always open to advice from those more experienced than myself, and equally willing to offer advice to anyone who asks for my assistance. 
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