Sunday, July 31, 2011

HALF PRICE Bottles, Sippy's & Fun Bottle Covers~ While Supplies Last!

Bottles, Sippy's & Fun Bottle Covers
for almost HALF PRICE!

Here's how it works...we've marked down all Sassy, NurturePure & Nurtria brand Bottles, Trainers, & Straw Sippers plus LilyBugs Bottle Covers 25%, Then you take off the Additional 24% discounts available with our GOING OUT OF BUSINESS ("RETIRE2012") & Facebook Fan ("BFF08") Coupon Codes, and that makes it a total of almost HALF PRICE!! While Supplies Last!

Only Limit is to Stock On-hand!  Choose from Single or Muli-packs of:

Nurtria Anti-Colic Bottles

Nurtria Self-Sterilizing Bottles

Nurtria Training Bottles

Nurtria Flip-Top Straw Sippers

Sassy Anti-Colic Bottles (and Replacement Nipples)

NurturePure Glass Bottles

and Any of our Super Fun LilyBugs Bottle Covers!

Please help us spread the word about our GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE.  Your friends, family, and blog fans will appreciate you helping them save some serious $$$! 

If you do a post on your Facebook Page, Blog, Tweet about it, etc, then PLEASE post a link here so I can give you credit for helping out on a future post we have coming up to give a personal 'shout-out' to our friends who are helping us hurry up and get started on our Retirement Adventure!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011


When we first opened this business, the hope was that we would get it to the point of being profitable, then turn it over to my daughter, then my husband and I would then retire.  Well, things didn't exactly turn out that way.  First, our small community could not support the business so we created the online store as supplement to the brick & mortar store, but quickly realized that they are basically two separate business and therefore required two owner/managers to oversee each of them.

Then, my daughters life took her in a different direction and I was left running two full-time PLUS businesses.  We then closed the brick & mortar store that was struggling so hard.  I did not have time to devote to it since I was running the online store.  Meanwhile my husband was still working towards our dream of retirement.  He had semi-retired, just taking on small jobs here and there to keep himself busy while he waited for me to finally retire too.  We had even bought a big 5th Wheel that we were going to take off in on for our Retirement Adventure...but here it sits in our yard...waiting for me as well.

So I had to make some tough choices.  As you get older, each day becomes more valuable because you begin to wonder just how many more days you have left.  I want to enjoy my remaining days to their fullest, and that means I had to choose between running a business that requires 10+ hours a day 6-7 days a week or start my retirement while I am still young and healthy enough to enjoy it.

Retirement Won.

So we have begun the process of shutting down our store. Our top priority right now is to eliminate our massive inventory...some of which is not even listed in our online store yet!  So to eliminate the inventory I have had to make some configuration changes on the website to get everything ready.  All current coupon codes have been deactivated and I created a Single Coupon Code that will be applied to Everything in the Store.  We want to encourage our shoppers to help us move the inventory so we are going to start with a Storewide 20% Off Coupon Code. We also have set up our shipping configurations so that every order will be charged a single rate of $6.95 no matter how much you purchase...this is to encourage you to buy as much as you like since you will not pay more than $6.95!

Well, that's all I can think of to tell you right now.  I appreciate your understanding of our decision and hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to help us get going on our Retirement Adventure, while getting some really great bargains for yourself in the process!  We will continue to provide you the personal customer service that you have come to expect.  And I will do my best to get your orders shipped the same day as we have in the past, however with sales potentially getting really busy, it may take me a little longer to process orders, but 1 business day or less is still my goal :-)

Thank you for being such a great part of our business over the last (nearly) 4 years.  I have made some wonderful friends through this store and I hope to start meeting some of you in person when we get on the Road to Retirement in 2012!!!  

Use Coupon Code: "Retire2012"
for 20% Off of Your ENTIRE PURCHASE!

Gift Card Holders: If you currently hold a Gift Card...Use It!  Once we close the store for good any outstanding gift cards & eGift Card Codes will be invalid.  To use your Gift Card just enter the code on the back of the card as a Coupon Code at checkout.  You will be able to enter the Code above and apply it, then enter your Gift Card code and apply it.  Note...if your gift card leaves you with a zero balance, our system does not know what to do.  It will still ask you to select a payment method and enter your credit card number.  To avoid that, simply select Paypal as your payment method, then when the new page opens at Paypal, simply close the page.  I will receive a notification of your incomplete payment order and see that you had a zero balance.  I will process your order as if you paid so don't worry.   You will receive an email with a human confirmation from me when I have received notice of your order so you know that everything is okay.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

I really HATE it when that happens! No Problem...we can fix it!

***If you received an email of this post today (8/28/11) I am sorry.  I don't know why Blogger sent it out again...very strange.  

Have you ever placed an order in an online store then immediately after you hit the 'Submit Order' button you remembered one more thing that you meant to order?  If you go back and order that one other item, you get charged the full shipping charges all over again?  I have, and I HATE when that happens!

Just like every other aspect of my business, I run it the way I wish other online stores would run theirs.  I treat my customers the way I wish I was treated.  And this situation is no different.  We just had this situation with one of our shoppers and I wanted to share it with you, so that in the future if you have this happen to you, you will know that we can fix the order...No Problem!

A few days ago, one of our shoppers made a purchase in our store. Right after she completed her payment she realized that she forgotten to order something.  The item that she wanted was not in our 'Stuff Shipped Free' category so she knew she would be charged another $6.95 Flat-Rate Shipping fee if she ordered that one other item.  She thought her only alternative was to either pay the double shipping fee's or cancel the order and start all over again.  She sent me an email asking me to cancel the order so she could place it again and get All of the things that she meant to get this time.  

I explained to her that all of that hassle was totally unnecessary.  If she knew exactly what she wanted to add then I could just add that item to the order and adjust the order total to reflect the additional item, then she would not be charged any extra shipping fee's and she would not have to go back in and place the order all over again.  


If she wanted to browse around and maybe added a few new items, then I would just hold her first order open until the second one came in.  If she incurred a shipping fee on the second order, then I would deduct it from her order total before shipping the two orders together.  (we can do that because we do not capture the credit card payment until right before we ship...just for these kinds of situations).

Another scenario that occurs often is a shopper either has trouble placing an order online, or is not comfortable ordering over the internet.  They know what they want, but are apprehensive about shopping online.  No Problem!  Just give me a call (970-570-7833) and I can take your order over the telephone.  I am never too busy to assist a shopper.  If I am not at my desk (our store phone is a cell so I could be anywhere at anytime) I may have to call you back as soon as I can get to my desk, or I can take down your order on paper then process the order when I get back to my office.  All of which I do at least a few times a week, and I do not mind at all :-)

So you see, any situation can be fixed...just contact me as soon as you realize that you need to make a change or need assistance with an order and we'll take care of it.  No Problem! I am probably the most easy-going business owner you will ever meet.

Okay, maybe not this easy-going, lol.
Have a Wonderful Day!

**Photo of the totally relaxing woman above was borrowed from an old post at Rungmasti, a fun blog to read :-)
I don't remember where the clip-art image came from, sorry.

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