Monday, July 18, 2011

I really HATE it when that happens! No Problem...we can fix it!

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Have you ever placed an order in an online store then immediately after you hit the 'Submit Order' button you remembered one more thing that you meant to order?  If you go back and order that one other item, you get charged the full shipping charges all over again?  I have, and I HATE when that happens!

Just like every other aspect of my business, I run it the way I wish other online stores would run theirs.  I treat my customers the way I wish I was treated.  And this situation is no different.  We just had this situation with one of our shoppers and I wanted to share it with you, so that in the future if you have this happen to you, you will know that we can fix the order...No Problem!

A few days ago, one of our shoppers made a purchase in our store. Right after she completed her payment she realized that she forgotten to order something.  The item that she wanted was not in our 'Stuff Shipped Free' category so she knew she would be charged another $6.95 Flat-Rate Shipping fee if she ordered that one other item.  She thought her only alternative was to either pay the double shipping fee's or cancel the order and start all over again.  She sent me an email asking me to cancel the order so she could place it again and get All of the things that she meant to get this time.  

I explained to her that all of that hassle was totally unnecessary.  If she knew exactly what she wanted to add then I could just add that item to the order and adjust the order total to reflect the additional item, then she would not be charged any extra shipping fee's and she would not have to go back in and place the order all over again.  


If she wanted to browse around and maybe added a few new items, then I would just hold her first order open until the second one came in.  If she incurred a shipping fee on the second order, then I would deduct it from her order total before shipping the two orders together.  (we can do that because we do not capture the credit card payment until right before we ship...just for these kinds of situations).

Another scenario that occurs often is a shopper either has trouble placing an order online, or is not comfortable ordering over the internet.  They know what they want, but are apprehensive about shopping online.  No Problem!  Just give me a call (970-570-7833) and I can take your order over the telephone.  I am never too busy to assist a shopper.  If I am not at my desk (our store phone is a cell so I could be anywhere at anytime) I may have to call you back as soon as I can get to my desk, or I can take down your order on paper then process the order when I get back to my office.  All of which I do at least a few times a week, and I do not mind at all :-)

So you see, any situation can be fixed...just contact me as soon as you realize that you need to make a change or need assistance with an order and we'll take care of it.  No Problem! I am probably the most easy-going business owner you will ever meet.

Okay, maybe not this easy-going, lol.
Have a Wonderful Day!

**Photo of the totally relaxing woman above was borrowed from an old post at Rungmasti, a fun blog to read :-)
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