Saturday, July 23, 2011


When we first opened this business, the hope was that we would get it to the point of being profitable, then turn it over to my daughter, then my husband and I would then retire.  Well, things didn't exactly turn out that way.  First, our small community could not support the business so we created the online store as supplement to the brick & mortar store, but quickly realized that they are basically two separate business and therefore required two owner/managers to oversee each of them.

Then, my daughters life took her in a different direction and I was left running two full-time PLUS businesses.  We then closed the brick & mortar store that was struggling so hard.  I did not have time to devote to it since I was running the online store.  Meanwhile my husband was still working towards our dream of retirement.  He had semi-retired, just taking on small jobs here and there to keep himself busy while he waited for me to finally retire too.  We had even bought a big 5th Wheel that we were going to take off in on for our Retirement Adventure...but here it sits in our yard...waiting for me as well.

So I had to make some tough choices.  As you get older, each day becomes more valuable because you begin to wonder just how many more days you have left.  I want to enjoy my remaining days to their fullest, and that means I had to choose between running a business that requires 10+ hours a day 6-7 days a week or start my retirement while I am still young and healthy enough to enjoy it.

Retirement Won.

So we have begun the process of shutting down our store. Our top priority right now is to eliminate our massive inventory...some of which is not even listed in our online store yet!  So to eliminate the inventory I have had to make some configuration changes on the website to get everything ready.  All current coupon codes have been deactivated and I created a Single Coupon Code that will be applied to Everything in the Store.  We want to encourage our shoppers to help us move the inventory so we are going to start with a Storewide 20% Off Coupon Code. We also have set up our shipping configurations so that every order will be charged a single rate of $6.95 no matter how much you purchase...this is to encourage you to buy as much as you like since you will not pay more than $6.95!

Well, that's all I can think of to tell you right now.  I appreciate your understanding of our decision and hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to help us get going on our Retirement Adventure, while getting some really great bargains for yourself in the process!  We will continue to provide you the personal customer service that you have come to expect.  And I will do my best to get your orders shipped the same day as we have in the past, however with sales potentially getting really busy, it may take me a little longer to process orders, but 1 business day or less is still my goal :-)

Thank you for being such a great part of our business over the last (nearly) 4 years.  I have made some wonderful friends through this store and I hope to start meeting some of you in person when we get on the Road to Retirement in 2012!!!  

Use Coupon Code: "Retire2012"
for 20% Off of Your ENTIRE PURCHASE!

Gift Card Holders: If you currently hold a Gift Card...Use It!  Once we close the store for good any outstanding gift cards & eGift Card Codes will be invalid.  To use your Gift Card just enter the code on the back of the card as a Coupon Code at checkout.  You will be able to enter the Code above and apply it, then enter your Gift Card code and apply it.  Note...if your gift card leaves you with a zero balance, our system does not know what to do.  It will still ask you to select a payment method and enter your credit card number.  To avoid that, simply select Paypal as your payment method, then when the new page opens at Paypal, simply close the page.  I will receive a notification of your incomplete payment order and see that you had a zero balance.  I will process your order as if you paid so don't worry.   You will receive an email with a human confirmation from me when I have received notice of your order so you know that everything is okay.

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  1. As soon as I saw the title, I had to click. While I am excited for you to get to retire, you will definitely be missed! We love your store and you are such a sweet person. I wish more business owners had your generous and loving attitude!
    Let me know if you'd like some extra advertisement during your sales and such! When's your official retirement beginning?

  2. I remember when you opened the online store, it wasn't that long ago! SAd to see you go so soon! I had always hoped to work with you on a review and giveaway on my blog but I suspect that my time has run out :) If you want some help promoting your going out of business sale I'm still up for some fun working with you, just let me know, it's been great getting to know you a bit and chatting with you on Facebook Anna! :) Best wishes in a happy retirement, I'm jelous! lol

    Melissa (SAPsMaMa)

  3. Congratulations on your retirement! Hope you get to enjoy it! Thanks for the great sale!

  4. Sad to see you go! Maybe you can have the blog open to be informative. I won't want to take your buttons down. I like them!

  5. Alright, add me to the sad but happy for you list! You run one amazing store and I'm sad to see you going, but you deserve the best! I'm with the other ladies, I'm happy to promote you in whatever way you want or need! You'll be missed, but I'm glad we'll still be able to chat on FB! HUGS!!

  6. So sad to see you go! You know we love you!

  7. Yea, for retirement! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from Give It to Me Monday Blog Hop. Would love a visit and a follow back on mine: I also 'liked' your FB and would love a visit and a 'like' back using your personal profile please on my page: We are having a fantastic iPad 2 giveaway and I hope you will enter if you haven’t already! Thanks!


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