Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've been AWOL for a week...What have I been up to?

I haven't posted anything this past week because I've been away from my shop, working down in Arizona with my husband, Terry. Before we moved to SW Colorado we lived in Arizona where Terry built a small strip mall in a little town called Overgaard. We have to periodically make a trip down to check on the building and tenants and take care of any minor details that need our attention. We have long-time tenants so the business pretty much runs itself. But this year the hubs decided that he wanted to give the building a fresh look so we are replacing the half-log siding with a concrete siding that we hope will require less maintenance then the half-log.
We checked the weather report and picked a one month period that we thought would be sufficient to get the job done, then we parked our RV in a local park as our base-camp. The first week we were here setting up camp we brought our granddaughter Sydney with us. Since it was just a quick weekend trip to set up camp and assess the work that needed to be done, we decided to squeeze in a quick trip to the Phoenix Zoo, which is only about a 2 hour drive from our camp. It was Sydneys first time to the Zoo and my first trip to the Phoenix Zoo and we had lots of fun...even though I thought it was a bit warm for my comfort. (look for a separate post about the Zoo trip soon)
The next week Terry and our son-in-law made the trip down to start working on the building. Everything was going well until this bizarre weather condition moved in. They were hit with unexpected wind, rain, and snow! So that week wasn't very productive. They returned home after just a few days. The next week I decided to make the trip with Terry since I had missed him so much the few days he was away. The work that he planned did not require extreme male strength so I was able to work in my son-in-laws place. We were pretty productive the first few days, completely removing the half-log siding on one end of the building and installing the new siding on that wall within 2 long work days.
{that's my sweety there setting up the saw}

{Here is my sweety again way up on that ladder. He looks so sexy in that tool belt.}

Then the weather turned ugly again with very strong winds, gusts up to 70 mph the weather report said. We took a few days off to play around in Phoenix since standing on tall ladders to hang siding is not something you want to do in high winds. While in Phoenix I got my hair cut...really short!

And the dogs (we have 2 Boston Terriers and a Mini Schnauzer) spent the day at the dog spa, AKA PetSmart groomer. The Schnauzer got a bath, hair cut, and pedicure, while the Bostons got baths & pedicures.

After 2 days of windy weather followed by rain & snow, we were ready to get back to work. We started on the opposite side of the building as before and removed all of the half-log siding. We went to lunch at a local pizza shop and had deli sandwiches. After lunch we were on our way back to the building to install the new siding but I became ill. I spent the next 18 hours dealing with food poisoning! Oh it was awful. I hate being nauseated, and vomiting is absolutely no fun either. Needless to say, that day was not productive.

So here we are on Sunday, ready to get back to work, just waiting for the sun to warm it up a bit outside. Since this is my firs opportunity to sit down at the computer for more than just a minute or two, I thought I would take this time to update you on what I've been up to. We will be heading back home in a few days. I cannot wait to get back to the store to see what new products have arrived while I was away...and to see my grandbabies. I miss them the most. My daughter has sent pictures via our phones and I have talked to them a few times but there is nothing like their big hugs to make you feel so good.

Well, the sun is up and the snow flurries have stopped so I guess we better get to work. I will be regularly posting again very soon. I have some really neat products coming your way. Look for our Featured Newest Arrivals for New Products that should be arriving at our store any day, like the Pumpin Pal breastshields that allow a mom to use her breastpump while in a comfortable reclining position, or Bamboobies which are heart shaped washable breast pads that don't show through your clothing due to their unique design and they are Sooo soft & super absorbent because they are made of bamboo. The Bamboobies are also made right here in Colorado by real moms who use them. And the new product that I am most excited about...the Hygeia Breastpumps that are certified by the FDA for use my multiple moms! More about these great products, as well as others, coming your way very soon! Subscribe by email with Feedburner to be sure that you don't miss a single post!

Update: One hour later and we are in a blizzard! This weather is just crazy. We loaded up the truck and got to the job site and couldn't even see 30 feet due to the blowing snow. So needless to say we are back at camp again. The weather report now says this should clear out by the afternoon so I guess I have some computer time now. Look for more posts soon!

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  1. I can't believe there's crazy snow weather going on in AZ while it's actually warm and sunny here in WI. Who knew?

    It sounds like a whole lot of work that you all are doing but I'm impressed that you and your sweetie are so skilled to be able to do it yourselves... plus, how cute are you with your new short 'do? Love it!


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