Monday, May 10, 2010

Hygeia Breastpumps ~ Award Winning GREEN Breastpumps

They Just Arrived!

It appears like I'm running on a breastfeeding theme with my recent 'Newest Arrival' posts. I am an avid supporter of breastfeeding so I am always on the look out for new great products to benefit breastfeeding moms, and recently I have found several.

One of my most favorite finds is the Hygeia Breastpump. I am almost giddy over this pump. It has so many really cool features, not just with the pump itself, but also with the company. I feel almost compelled to bring this pump into my store. It is available in both a Hospital Grade & a Professional Grade Double Electric Pump (can be used as a single pump too) with a full array of wonderful accessories & features that are sure to make this the hottest pump on the market in no time. Each pump can be purchased in combo kits with various accessories to fit your personal breast pumping needs perfectly, such as your choice of an internal rechargeable battery or an external battery pack. You also get to choose between two colors choices of the chic Carrying Case 'slash' Diaper Bag. Yes, I said Diaper Bag! Who needs to carry your breastpump bag, your purse, a bottle cooler bag, a diaper changing pad, and a diaper bag, when Hygeia provides such a chic, roomy, all-in-one Carrying Case that is a Full Diaper Bag?
A really cool feature that is on both the Hospital & Professional Grade Hygeia Breastpump is the unique Hygeia C.A.R.E. Button, for a Customized Audio Recording Experience, that allows you to record your baby's cry or cooing sounds to enhance your breastpumping experience. The Hygeia breastpumps also mimics your baby’s unique suckling patterns with customizable speed and pressure controls.
But the Most Impressive thing about this breastpump, that I feel sets it above even the well-know popular pumps, is that it is registered and certified with the FDA as a multi-user product! Therefore when you no longer need your breastpump, it can be safely re-used by another mom, as long as she purchases her own personal accessory set (which retails for just $35.00). This means fewer pumps in the dump! This makes the Hygeia Breastpump a very GREEN pump!

As if all of that were not enough to make you want to purchase a Hygeia Breastpump right now...there is one more thing that is totally unlike other breastpumps...the Hygeia company is so confident that you will LOVE your Hygeia Breastpump that they offer a 21 Day Risk-Free Total Compatibility Guarantee. If the Hygeia Breastpump is not fully compatible with a mother’s nursing needs, she can return it to Hygeia or an authorized dealer (that would be us) for a refund/credit. See complete details here, or see our in-stores return policy at the store or online with the item description. Additionally, Hygeia Breastpumps also carry a full 3 Year, Transferable Warranty!!!

The Hygeia EnJoye (Professional Grade) Breastpump Combo Kits that we carry in our store comes in two basic sets. #1) The EnJoye EXT Breastpump with a standard Power cord and an external battery pack that uses 8 AA batteries, plus a Personal Accessory Set, and your choice of a Brown/Blue or Black/Silver Diaper Bag/Carrying Case with a matching Cooler Bag for just $259.00 each; or #2) The EnJoye LBI Breastpump with a standard Power Cord and an Internal Rechargeable Battery, plus a Personal Accessory Set, and your choice of a Brown/Blue or Black/Silver Diaper Bag/Carrying Case with a matching Cooler Bag for just $299.00 each. Extra Personal Accessory Sets are available for just $35.00 each.

We also stock the Hygeia Breastmilk Storage Bags or Breastmilk Storage Container Bottles, and Disposable Nursing Pads that come in varying sizes to suit your individual needs based on your bra size (what a novel idea!).

More exciting news related to Hygeia...The Baby Store Plus is now an authorized Hygeia Rental Agent. For just $45.00 per month (plus the one-time cost of a personal accessory kit) you can rent a Hospital Grade Hygeia EnDeare Breastpump directly from our store in Cortez, Colorado.

Stop by the store or give us a call if you have any questions about the Hygeia Breastpumps or are interested in renting a Hygeia EnDeare Hospital Grade Breastpump, we are always available to help you with your questions and concerns.

All of these Hygeia products are now available for purchase from our Online Shop.

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