Monday, May 3, 2010

Bamboobies ~ Super-Soft Organic Heart-shaped Bamboo Nursing Pads

The Newest addition to our store are bamboobies... They are Super-soft, Organic Bamboo Velour Milk-Proof, Heart-shaped Nursing Pads. Made right here in the US (Boulder, Colorado to be exact) by Kerry Gillmartin.

Melinda, our wonderful rep from Hygeia, told me about a new nursing pad that was really a hit with breastfeeding moms call the Bamboobies. With a name like that, and a personal recommendation from Melinda, I had to check them out. After looking at the Bamboobies nursing pads and reading their customer testimonials I knew that I had to carry these in our store. I am sure that new moms, nursing or not, will appreciate this wonderful product.

Bamboobies were born out of necessity - 'the mother of invention!'

We now carry Bamboobies at The Baby Store Plus! Find them in our Online Shop. If you want to touch & feel a Bamboobies nursing pad, stop by our brick & mortar store in Cortez, Colorado.

Bamboobies are available in two varieties: regular and overnights. Regular Bamboobies are heart-shaped, ultra-thin, milk-proof and are lined with organic bamboo velour and we have them in Very Light Pink on one side and a natural color on the other. The Overnights are larger, thicker, and are double-sided with super-soft bamboo fleece, in a natural un-dyed color on both sides.

They are each available in '2 Pair Packs' (Heart-shaped for $16.99 or Overnights for $14.99) or we have Multi-sets that include: 1 Set of each Light Pink, Hot Pink & Black, plus 1 Set of Overnights all in a Lingerie Bag for washing (for just $28.99).

The Story Behind Bamboobies:
"After breastfeeding for a few months, I was still leaking sometimes... I even leaked through the thick washable cotton pads. I was tired of looking like I had round targets on my chest where the pads showed through my shirt. Disposables also showed wrinkles and made crinkly diaper noises when I moved my arms."

"So one dayided, just because it was handy, to stuff a washable diaper wipe into my bra - it worked and felt great! It was thin a
nd not as visible through my shirt. It was made of organic bamboo velour so it was deliciously soft and wicked and absorbed like a great pad should."

"I found myself sharing this tip with breastfeeding friends who encouraged me to market the idea so other moms could benefit."
The idea for the "Overnights" came from our users: one new mother asked for a pad that was large, wouldn't slip around in her top, and was ultra soft and absorbent for the early days and nights of nursing.

"Those first 6-9 weeks are tough if you are engorged - especially at night. The last thing you want is to be woken up by leaking milk while your baby sleeps soundly!" Overnights have become a new mother essential.
Overnights are, as one mother says, "like a cashmere sweater for my boobies - perfect for the first few months of nursing.

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