Monday, May 31, 2010

I Love Twitter & Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray

I love Twitter. I have learned of so many new products and met so many great people while chatting with friends in 140 characters or less. In fact, many of the products in my store were discovered via Twitter. I originally started using Twitter as a business networking tool, but soon found that I really enjoyed it for my personal fun too.

One person I met in recent months is Kathy Dalton, co-founder of a product that I want to share with all the moms I know. It is the Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray. I don't have this product in my store...yet, but don't be surprised to find it here in the future. It is like Fabreeze, in that you spray it into the air and it instantly neutralizes stinky orders, such as poopy diaper smell. But Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray is even better because you can spray it directly on your baby's butt after diaper change to sooth and moisturize his sensitive skin.

Here is what Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray says about their product on their website:

Little Stinker, The Baby Butt Spray that was developed to de-stinkify your little ones while gently moisturizing their bums. Spray in the air before a stinky diaper change to make the task more bearable. Spray on baby's bum after each diaper change to keep their skin moisturized, soft, and smelling fresh.

Use on diaper pails, bedding, bedrooms, stinky feet, husbands, or anywhere else that might need a little destinkification. Quickly eliminates lingering odors.

Contains certified organic bontanicals.
Sooths, calms, and gently moisturizes skins. Proudly made in the USA. 100% recyclable.

Only the Good Stuff: Formulated without Parabens, Hypoallergenic, and made with Allergen-free fragrances. Dermotologist and Pediatrician tested -parent appreciated and recommended.

My Personal Experience with Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray:

As I said, I met Kathy on Twitter and we started talking about her new product that she would soon be introducing. I was intrigued by the idea that you could use a product to neutralize poopy diaper odor AND use the the same product directly on baby's bottom to moisturize the baby's skin. I told Kathy how I could really use a product like that because my grandkids are at work with us at my baby & maternity shop and all although my customers weren't shocked to smell an occasional poopy diaper in a baby store, it would be nice to be able to neutralize the odor instantly. So Kathy offered to send me a sample when the product was released.

Well, a few months ago Kathy sent me two bottles of Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray as promised. We gave it a try the very first day it arrived. My grandson seems to have nap-time poop schedule because everyday just before is lunchtime nap he messes his diaper. And on this day it was particularly smelly. I crossed my fingers the the Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray would really work. I opened his diaper and sprayed one pump of Little Stinker just over his diaper, right at the stinky mess inside. To my surprise, the poopy smell did fade away. It was replaced by a nice smell of Lavender & Vanilla, my two favorite scents. Then when I was done cleaning his bottom I sprayed another pump of Little Stinker directly on his bottom. He gave me a quick startled look but was not unhappy about the spray...I think it just took him by surprise that I wasn't smearing his bottom with a cream or ointment. After tying the poopy diaper up in a small bag and dropping it in the trash I sprayed one more pump in the air over the trash can and the room did NOT smell poopy! It really worked.

As stated on Little Stinker's website, the Baby Butt Spray can be used on all sorts of odors. One funny, but sad experience, that we had in the store where Little Stinker saved the day was when a drunk, homeless man came into the store begging for money. He claimed he needed money for gas for his car, but I knew it was for liquor and not a car. I was almost knocked over by the strong smell of liquor, urine, and who-knows-what else (I did not want to know) that was lingering around this man. I asked him to leave the store, which he promptly did, but the odor just hung there in the air. I was literally feeling nauseated by this awful smell. Then I remembered the Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray. If it could neutralize some of the smelly poopy diapers my grandson had, then it was worth a try to see if it could neutralize this order too. I grabbed the bottle and sprayed one pump in the air where the main smell seemed to be. It worked, almost instantly. I followed the smell all the way to the door spraying a few more pumps and the odor was gone. I was totally amazed at how well it worked.

We just ran out of Little Stinker so I am ordering a new bottle today. The 4 fl oz bottle costs $11.95, which you might think is a bit pricey, but it really does not take much to eliminate the odor...a little goes a long way. I can honestly recommend this product to any mom with a little one in diapers. I am sure the visitors to my store appreciate that we use it too.

This is not a review, not a giveaway, not a paid sponsorship...this is just my honest experience with a great product that I wanted to share with mama's & grandma's who read my blog.

Find me on Twitter @BabyStorePlus. Find Kathy & Little Stinker on Twitter @MyLittleStinker.

Learn more about Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray, and purchase a bottle for your smelly baby's butt, on their website at They will be introducing a few new products soon...look for Natural Nursing Balm & Cooling Breast Cream COMING SOON!

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  1. Wow this sounds great to have. I wonder if the product is safe to use with cloth diapers. Thanks for sharing, I will have to check them out.


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