Friday, October 22, 2010

Boxer's or Briefs for Your Baby?

When its Potty Training time which is your baby going to be wearing, Boxers or Briefs? You don't really have to choose, the question was just for fun because we just added the Cutest 'Baby's First Boxers' and Potty Training Pants to our store.

Here is my grandson Russell in his Boxers...aren't they just the Cutest? Sorry for the poor picture quality, he gets so excited every time he puts them on that he starts dancing so the pictures are all a blur, but my daughter was able to get one quick picture with her phone when he slowed down a second. They are adorable and even have a real opening in front for boys. Your little one doesn't have to be potty trained to wear them either, you can wear them on over a snug fitting diaper (like my grandson is doing) and they just look so darned cute! At just $2.99 each, you can afford to buy several. What a great way to make your little one feel so grown up. BTW, girls love them too.

For the beginning stages of Potty Training I recommend our 3-packs of White Potty Training Pants. They have 5 layers of fabric and filler in the center panel to really reduce the messes of accidents. Their elastic waist bands and generous sized leg openings make them easy for little 'trainers' to pull on and off by themselves. No frills printing, just basic white briefs at a reasonable cost at just $7.99 for a 3-pack.

Find both the Baby's First Boxers and the Potty Training Pants 3-Pack in our Online Store. Remember that we don't inflate our shipping fee's, each item is weighed and measured so you are only charged the actual cost to ship. And, if your total purchase is over $100 you can get it all shipped for FREE by selecting Flat-Rate shipping at check-out.

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  2. LOL...I wish these had been around when i was potty training my son. He so wanted to wear boxers like his daddy. Too cute!

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