Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Were you part of the 'trend' at The Baby Store Plus this week?

[Warning, this is a silly, but interesting post]

Do you ever wonder what other people buy? I like looking into other peoples grocery cart at the store, just to see if they buy any of the same things that I do. I also try to figure out things about them by what's in their cart. For example, if a middle-aged man is shopping alone and buys frozen pizza, snacky junk food, a six pack of beer and no toiletries, it probably means that the wife is gone for a few days and he is rejoicing in the fun foods she wont let him have. If a girl that looks to be about 18-ish is buying toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste, ketchup, mustard, plastic wrap, a dish drainer, dish towels, and a huge stack of paper plates, she is probably moving in to her first apartment on her own. After watching a few people I sometimes get a little self-conscious about what's in my cart, lol.

Being interested in such things is probably why I enjoy reading the weekly Trending Report that my website generates for me. I find it very interesting to see what was the most popular products purchased on our website each week. I wish there was a way to automatically post it on the website because I think other people may find it interesting too. Unfortunately, it is only provided for the Administrator of the website, but I thought, just for fun, I would publish this weeks Trending results. It is a list of the top four, most purchased items on our website for the last week, ending Sunday at midnight.

Well here it is...if you think its interesting, (or even a little weird), let me know. {By the way, this week was a busy week for Coobie Bra's but they are not always in all 4 top positions}.

Coobie V-Neck Bra with Lace in Black {I nearly sold out of these this week! Have more on the way now}

#2. Coobie V-Neck Bra with Lace in White

#3. Coobie Scoopneck Bra in Black

#4. Coobie Scoopneck Bra in Mocha {this one is my new favorite too. The color is so...Frappacinno Mocha Coffee! Which is the fuel that starts my day.}

Last week the top 4 items were 2 safety related products, the Coobie Scoopneck Bra (always at least 1 spot in the top 4), and the WubbaNubs.

So, did you purchase any of these items this week? Were you part of the trend at The Baby Store Plus, lol? Were you thinking about purchasing any of them? Had you even heard of these items before now? I wonder what will be the Top 4 next week?

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  1. i think it's cool to see the trend! i like it!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Stacy! At least I am not alone ind the silly things that I find interesting :)

    BTW, I am now following your blog with both of my ID's,

  3. I like seeing what other people buy too :) Please keep posting this!


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