Thursday, October 7, 2010

Newest Arrival: Halo Technical Comfort System Infant Sleepwear

Winter is on its way, whether you are ready or not. I love winter, it is my favorite season of the year. I love snuggling into my bed under a big down comforter, sipping hot cup of tea while I work (and play) on my laptop. I find it very difficult to sleep when it is too warm so I keep the temperature rather cool in my house and just wear my long-johns all day. I have always preferred the cold weather to hot, but it presented a problem when my kids were infants. I always worried about them getting too cold at night. My kids were the only babies I knew of that got a heat rash in the dead of winter. With the new information related to SIDS it is advised that you don't let your babies get too warm while they sleep, so that makes a mommy like me really worry because getting too cold is not good for baby, but getting too warm is down-right dangerous. That's why I was so excited to learn about a product by Halo with a Technical Comfort System...Have you heard of this?

The Halo Technical Comfort System (TCS) Coveralls & 2 Piece Sets are not only the cutest little things on a baby, they are also healthy for their skin. The HALO® Technical Comfort System® is made of Coolmax®, a breathable, high performance fabric that keeps baby comfortable and their skin healthy all year long. They are perfect to wear as sleepwear throughout the year, and great under a Sleepsack at night or as undergarments during the day.

Here in Colorado where we get a ton of snow in the winter that lasts all the way until spring. This creates a constant worry for moms trying to keep their babies warm enough, but not overheat them at the same time. With TCS the baby remains cooler in warm temperatures and warmer in cool temperatures. The fabrication also reduces perspiration and the risk of dehydration that can occur when parents overdress their baby. The wicking properties help to maintain a stable body temperature for baby.

Coolmax fabric has been used by athletes for years. Halo has taken this technology and paired it with an inverted zipper (on coveralls) for easy diaper changes, turn-over cuffs (on coveralls) to prevent baby from scratching their skin, and smooth seams (all styles) to prevent skin irritation. The fabric is also chemical-free and has an inherent SPF factor of 30+, both benefits which won't "wash out" from the garment. Speaking of washing, the TCS garments are also no-hassle machine washable.

At this time we have limited styles, quantities, sizes, and colors available. Sizes ranging from 0-3 months through 6-9 months size, in Aqua and Navy Blue, in Coverall and 2 piece styles. The suggested retail price is $22.95, but we have them on sale for just $19.50, and for the remainder of October, while supplies last, YOU can save an Additional 20% Off by using Coupon Code "Halo20TCS"! That is a savings of $3.90 off the Sale Price! Get them while they last, we are not sure when we will be able to get more in stock.

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