Thursday, October 7, 2010

We've added a New product line to our store ~ Prince Lionheart

We've added a New Product line to our store. It's only new to our store because Prince Lionheart has been around since 1973. They are known for their innovative, quality products at affordable prices. We have received several items so far and more are on their way so I will share all their great products with you as they arrive.

The one I am most excited about is the Ultimate Wipes Warmer. It has the exclusive Ever-Fresh System so you don't have the problem that I have experienced with other wipe warmers in the past...that is the drying out, turning brown, and just not smelling very fresh if you don't use them fast enough. I love having a warm, moist, fresh wipe for cleaning a babies bottom. No one wants a cold wipe used on their bottom -how unpleasant!

The Ever-Fresh System utilizes ever-fresh pillows that are inserted between the heating surface and the wipes. This not only keeps the wipes from drying out and turning brown, it also works as an effective anti-mocrobial. Each Ever-Fresh pillow lasts for 3 months and we have 2-pack replacement packs for when you need them. The Deluxe Wipes Warmer is available for just $25.99 and the replacement pillows are just $9.99 for a 6 months supply.

If you are looking for a great Baby Shower Gift for a baby due this fall or winter (or any season really), then you should pick one up. We can even ship it, nicely wrapped, (at no extra charge) to the baby shower recipient if you are not able to attend the shower yourself.

Some of the other great Prince Lionheart products to arrive this week are something that will give you a little peace of mind once your little one becomes mobile. They are the Cushiony Foam Edge & Corner Guards. We now have them in Jumbo sizes in 6 foot lengths for long sharp edges, and shorter strips with Corner guards included to completely wrap the edge of a table of any shape, square or circular. If you just need to smooth out a corner here and there to protect your little one as they round the end of a coffee table or counter top, we have sets of just Corner Guards. All of the Prince Lionheart Edge Guards are easy to install and just as easy to uninstall when they are no longer needed. With neutral colors like Beige and Chocolate you can protect your little one from sharp edges in your home without looking too obvious.

And one final item that arrived with this first shipment are the Jumbo Toy Hammocks. These are so wonderful for getting your childs toys up off the floor. Kids tend to collect tons of stuffed toys so having a neat place to keep them that can even double as a display or decoration in their room is a must-have. Hang one in your bathtub area and you have a great place to put bath-toys after bathtime. The mesh net allows the toys to dry faster and drip right back into the tub. Each Toy Hammock comes with both Hooks and Suction cups so you can hang them just about anywhere you like. They stretch out to 4 feet wide and look great in the corner. We will be getting some smaller Toy Hammocks in our next shipment too, that shipment is due to arrive very soon.

What else is coming??? Sneak Peak...a really cool device called a Seat Saver that goes under your childs car seat to protect your cars seating surfaces from the sharp edges of infant and toddler car seats, prevents skidding on smooth surfaces like leather and vinyl, and even provides some protection from spills and dropped snacks, plus they have storage pouches that hang in front of the seat to keep small toys, books, spare diapers, or anything that you might need while driving in the car with a little one. I will have pictures and tell you more about them when they arrive, which should be next week I believe.

Click on any of the images above to see those items in our store and learn more about them...or to purchase them! Remember, we ship all orders within 1 business day (or less), we don't mind shipping to a gift recipient, and all orders over $100 qualify for FREE Shipping within the lower 48 States. (just selected Flat-Rate Shipping at Check out) Just to make it fun...Take 10% Off your order of any Prince Lionheart products this week with this Coupon Code: "PrinceLionheart10" valid until 10/15/2010.

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  1. What terrific additions, Anna! Just in time for the holidays!


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