Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PSST! We've got a Secret...

Psst! Wanna Save some $$$?

Look for me, I'm hidden in multiple places throughout our Online Store.  I move often and the value of my Secret Coupon Code varies from $1 to $20!

Several customers have already found many of them this week and Saved $$$ on their purchases.  Here is a hint of where to find them today...but remember, she is always on the move, you never know what product she will be offering a Secret Coupon Code for tomorrow!

Take a look at WubbaNubs, both the original and our Mary Meyer editionsPaci-plushies has one as well. For some really high value Secret Coupon Codes, take a peek at any of our double electric Breastpumps, or our ERGObaby Infant Carriers.  Since you are looking at infant carriers, better have a look at the Moby Wraps as well.  Another place to look is at our mimijumi breastfeeding transition bottles, plus our RazBaby and Boon products and you gotta see the Lanky Cats, if their BIG eyes don't get you the Secret Coupon Code just might.  These are just a few of the places where they are at this moment...but look for even more to be hidden in other places too!

I would love feedback on this or any of our promotions.  So far those who have found the Secret Coupons and used them have obviously loved them, but I would love to hear what you think!

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