Thursday, March 24, 2011

Attention Canadian Moms! We're now shipping to Canada ~ Beta Testing

Attention Canadian Moms! We are testing-the-waters, so to speak, with regard to Canadian orders.  We have many Canadian Moms who follow our blog and window-shop in our online store, but cannot order from us.  I get at least a few emails each week asking if we can make an acception to our 'Only Ship in the US policy.'  So for the benefit of our wonderful Canadian Mom followers, I have decided to give it a try.

So here is how the Beta Testing it is going to work...  If you are a Canadian Mom who would like to purchase any of the non-baby products in our store, please contact me via email or use the Live Chat link found at the bottom of every page in our online store.  The ordering process will be handled in a manual method while we are in the testing stage, so go ahead and browse around in the store, making a note of which product , sizes, colors, quantities, etc that you would like to order.  We will then gather those items and calculate the exact shipping rate for that order.  Once you approve the order & price details, we can arrange payment via credit card over the telephone or via online payment through Paypal.

There are some restrictions to orders being shipped to Canada, such as:

    ~ No baby or children's products will be allowed because there are just too many particular laws related to international shipments of childrens products for us to keep up with since we carry so many different childrens product brands.  

    ~ Most of our mother related products can be shipped to Canada (see the list below) so you will be able to order any of the items on our 'approved list' (below).   

    ~ There is a $5.00 (USD) processing fee added to all orders being shipped to Canada.  This fee covers shipping insurance, delivery confirmation, and the extra time it takes us to process the order because of the additional paperwork that is required here in the US when shipping to Canada.

    ~ All orders must ship via Priority Mail International.  Although orders may qualify for 1st Class shipping based on the weight, Priority Mail International is the lowest rate that offers track-ability, which is needed for packages to be insured.

    ~ The full purchase price of the order (less shipping & handling fee's) will be declared in the shipping documents and the customer is responsible for all duties fee's.

Our 'Approved List of Items' that we may ship to Canada are: (subject to change at any time)

Baby Be Mine
Prenatal Cradle
Earth Mama Angel Baby (limited items)
Coobie Bra's
DynaBelly / Zero2Nine Maternity & Nursing Items
SproutShell Infant Carrier Covers/Nursing Covers/Shopping Cart Covers
UnderCover Mama nursing tops
and other pregnancy, maternity, breastfeeding items on an item-by-item basis

If this works out well, we will eventually reconfigure our system to allow Canadian orders directly in our Online Store.  To place an order just gather a list of what you would like to order and either send me an email or try our Live Chat link at the bottom of every page.

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  1. I am not Canadian, but I am your newest follower! :)

    I would love it if you would stop by my blog to check it out,


  2. Newest follower from the Welcome To The Weekend! blog hop
    Come return the visit when you have the chance :)
    The Sleppery Mind


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