Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newest Arrival: KnotIT Custom Bag Dispenser ~ Mom & Pet Owner Must-Have!

If there is one product that you really must-have in your diaper bag it is the KnotIT Custom Bag Dispenser by Prince Lionheart! Not just for human moms either, this is also a must-have for dog moms too! The KnotIT creates any size bag -anytime -anywhere! Ideal for locking away that stinky poo diaper, or picking up your dog droppings in public places.

The small cylinder dispenser holds 33 ft of lightly scented plastic bag toob that you simply pull up, tie a knot in the top, then pull out the size of bag that you need for that particular job (large bag for wet swim suits, or a small bag for an apple core), cut it off (with lid cutter), fill the bag and tie a knot in the other end...then toss it in the trash, or for wet swim suits or dirty cloth diapers just take it home to be opened when you are ready to clean the contents. The exact size bag for each individual need! Useful for dirty diapers, food waste, wet swimsuits, puppy poo, and so much more.

The KnotIT dispenser even has a handy clip so you can attach it to your belt or diaper bag for easy access.

Each KnotIT dispenser comes with two 33ft rolls for just $4.99. You can purchase refill rolls in 3 packs for 99ft of bag toob for just $4.99 also!

As a Grandmother and dog owner, I personally give this product my Seal of Approval!

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