Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Be Mine Gownie ~ Pretty Labor & Delivery Gowns

We experienced mom's remember how hideously ugly the hospital gowns are, and that they are so thin you feel shy about wearing them in mixed company. Our visitors probably remember the inevitable 'extra show' they received when we got out of bed and expose our entire backside without even knowing it. Then a few weeks later while showing off the 'newborn' pictures we realize that in all of our pictures we are proudly holding baby, while wearing that not-so-lovely, generic-looking, faded hospital gown.

So moms, lets do our mom-to-be friends a great favor...get them a Baby Be Mine Delivery Gown as a baby shower gift! They will stay covered at the hospital and look beautiful in all of the 'newborn' baby pictures too.

The Gownie, by Baby Be Mine, is a non-tent shaped, hospital approved, delivery gown that has easy to use snaps down the back as well on each side of the chest for easy breastfeeding, in several very pretty patterns sure to make the new mommy look and feel her best. The Gownie is so wonderful for new moms that she will probably want to use it at home too.

Features include:
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Soft satin trim for a comfortable feel
  • Simple & Easy snaps down the back for total coverage from top to bottom.
  • Off shoulder front snap openings to allow YOU to easily open and close for examinations and breastfeeding.
  • Gownies come in 2 sizes, we all know one size does not fit most!
  • Deliver in style and comfort! You will have those delivery and newborn photos forever!
  • Great during recovery and for breastfeeding at home too.
  • Hosptial Staff approved and appreciated.
  • Recently featured on the TLC's A Baby Story!
  • Designed with your comfort in mind!

They are available in sizes Small-Medium and Large-XLarge. There are several pretty patterns to choose from with a starting price of about $30.00 for a simple yet very pretty print and about $49.00 for some very chic patterns. They would make a Perfect Baby Shower Gift! Look for them at The Baby Store Plus in Cortez now, and in our Online Store later this week!

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