Thursday, March 25, 2010

New SASSY Baby Products Just Arrived!

We just received several New items from Sassy that I wanted to share with you!
It's a toss up as to which are my most favorites, because they are each my favorite for different reasons.

The Teething Feeders are my favorite thing for teething babies to sooth their poor aching gums and they are also wonderful to allow a baby to taste 'real foods', safely. The little mesh bags hold things like cantaloupe or watermelon that baby can gum and suck on. The soft foods then squish through the small holes in the bag so mom doesn't have to worry that baby will suck a huge piece of food down her throat and choke.

When baby is teething, there is nothing healthier for baby then gumming on a cooled banana. The Teething Feeder is great for 'On-The-Go' moms because you can fill the mesh bag with yummy foods, put the cap on the feeder and toss it in your refrigerator or cooler bag to take with you. Then its ready when baby is.

The Teething Feeder is cleaned up easily by hand or in the top-rack of your dishwasher. The mesh bags can be cleaned and re-used many times before they need to be replaced...we carry replacement bags too. We have the Teething Feeders in-store and very soon online too.

Another of my favorite Sassy products has actually been around for a very long time. I used one when my 28 year old daughter was a baby! It's the Baby Food Nurser. The nurser eases the transition to solid foods by introducing baby food through a bottle.

The special bottle has a unique vacuum disc bottom that works with baby's suction to push the food forward and keep air out. As your child grows, nursing and formula may not be enough. When baby is ready to begin solid foods, but not yet ready for the spoon, he wears more than he eats, so the Sassy Baby Food Nurser will be a real help.

The Sassy Baby Food Nursers come in a 2-pack in color choices of Pink, Green & Blue. They are available in-store and very soon online too!

Once you start feeding baby food to your little one the jars seem to take over your cabinets, but that wont be a problem with the Sassy Baby Food Pantry Organizer. It holds up to 24 jars or aseptic containers. If you buy baby food by the month, then purchase two and your baby food can be organized in your cabinets so there is still room for grown up food!

The three shelf rotating unit assembles easily without any tools and has a foot print no larger than a dinner plate so you make the most of your usable cabinet space.

Trimming a babies nails is probably one of the scariest things new parents learn to do. We have all probably experienced the horrible guilt when your thumb slips on the clipper handle and you accidentally cut baby's fingernail too short. That is what prompted me carry the Sassy Soft Grip Nail Clippers in my store. Not only are they the Cutest little things, but they offer 'sure-grip' control and they're just the right size clipper for your baby's fine nails. They have a comfortable grip and a thumb pad to help prevent your thumb from slipping, making nail trimming so much easier.

I also believe that the cute bumble bee character serves as a great distraction for baby while you are clipping their nails. We have them in-store now, and very soon online too.

And finally, to give your baby some fun while exercising their hearing, touch, and vision sensory, we have the Sassy Stim-Gym. The vivid colors with great contrasting patterns are wonderful for newborns who are just beginning to track objects with their eyes, distinguish the differences between sounds, and turn towards the source of sounds. Then at 3+ months the Stim-Gym helps baby learn to support their weight on their forearms during tummy time, learn to reach for objects, and learn to roll over.

From the crinkle sounds when they touch certain parts, to watching themselves in the fold up mirror, your baby is sure to get hours and hours of fun time from this developmental gym. The Stim-Gym is only available in-store at this time.

We carry lots of other Sassy Baby products, so stop by to see them all!

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