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Booty Shapers keep your boots upright and crease free ~ Giveaway

Although this blog is intended for the purpose of communicating with present and future customers, fans, and friends of The Baby Store Plus, as the owner of this business, you will find my personal thoughts, opinions, and family life sprinkled throughout. This post is one of those instances when my personal overlaps the business...

As the owner of an online business who works with bloggers to help promote our store and products, I get tons of emails asking to do a product review for us. So many that I have created a separate folder in my email program specifically to organize the requests. Recently I was contacted about reviews, but from a different perspective. The email came from the representative of a company called Tomoson { } As a blogger you may already be familiar with them, if not, you definitely should go check out their website. They are sort of like a match-making service to bring us business owners together with you review bloggers.

While I was on their website reading about the service as it relates to my business, I also checked out the blogger side of the service. That is when I came across a product that I thought was such a neat product, and so needed in my household, that I signed up on the blogger side and applied to do a review for that product. I even offered to post the review on my store's blog rather than my personal blog because the readership is higher on this blog. To my surprise, and complete pleasure, the company agreed to let me do a review of their product on my store's blog. So here it is.

The product that I was so excited about is the Booty Shapers. What a great name! This is an extremely simple product that is inexpensive yet so valuable. It is an inflatable insert that goes inside your boots to keep them standing upright and uncreased. I am a boot wearer. I wear knee-high leather boots in the spring and summer, and snow boots in the winter so something that keeps my boots in shape when not on my feet is a great product.

The TrendsFormer company sent me two sizes of Booty Shapers, one set for knee-high boots and one set for calf-high boots. When I first opened the package it smelled like a kids swimming pool does when you first take it out of the package. The instructions say that you can air them out for a day to allow the smell to dissipate but I was too anxious to try them out, I mean look at my poor boots. Besides, I really don't care if the inside of my boots smell like a swimming pool instead of my feet.

So I unfolded the long flat tubes. They have a black leopard print that I thought was kind of fun. They have several cute prints available. Then I commenced to blow these tubes up. They inflate just like a kids floaty or swim toy. You have to sort of bite down on the fill valve to open it up to allow the air in. Easy enough. Then you stand your boots up and insert the Booty Saver inside. Give it a little extra push to make sure that it is down in the foot area a bit and that is it! Your boots are standing tall.
Here's what my boots normally look like when I am not wearing them...

Lovely huh? Laying over, getting a big crease in the side, not to mention getting dirty laying there on the floor. Especially when the hubs and I walk in the closet and step on the legs as they lay out in the walk-way. Another not-so-nice thing about your boots laying in the floor like that...bugs can crawl in them. We live in the country so I am always worried that one day I will slip my boot on to find a spider or something in there. Once I did have a mouse in my boot. Talk about scary, yet extremely funny. I picked up my boot and the little guy hopped out the bottom of the unzipped edge. Scared us both nearly to death I think. So that is one really good reason to use Booty Shapers right there, lol.

Here are my boots Standing Tall with the assistance of Booty Shapers...

And below are my boots a full week later, still standing up, no loss of air, not leaning over. They look great! I was concerned that they would deflate over time because one of my Booty Shapers had a problem with the fill valve plug not wanting to stay inserted. I pulled out a piece of duct tape (old reliable) and pushed the plug in and taped over it. It worked like a charm. No loss of air after almost 2 weeks now. I am wearing my snow boots every day now so I didn't get an opportunity to use the calf-length (small) Booty Shapers yet, but I will when the seasons change.

I can honestly say that I would recommend Booty Shapers to anyone with Boots in their closet that want to them keep looking nice. They are priced at just $9.99 a pair at online stores. Plus, the packaging is just the right size to be a great Christmas Stocking-stuffer! You could even inflate them and insert them in a Christmas Stocking just for fun!

Do You Need Booty Shapers? Here is where to find them:

booty shapers

Want to Win some Booty Shapers? The TrendsFormers company has also generously offered to give one of my lucky readers two sets of Booty Shapers, just like I received. If you would like to Win 2 sets (small/short & Extra Large/Tall boots) of Booty Shapers to keep your boots upright and crease free, then just follow the easy instructions below.

Here is how you enter...

First, you must be a subscriber to this blog via email in order to enter this giveaway.
To make sure that you are a subscriber simply click on this link: Subscribe to The Baby Store Plus Blog via Email then enter your email address and follow the instructions provided. Be sure to go check your email afterward to confirm your subscription. If you are chosen as the winner and your subscription is not active, then I will have to choose an alternate winner.

Then complete this mandatory entry...

Tell me how many pair of Boots you have in your closet right now, that NEED a Set of Booty Shapers. Be sure to include your email address in the first comment.

For additional chances to Win, AFTER completing the first entry above, you can do any or all of the following. If an entry is worth more than one entry, be sure to post a separate comment for each entry.

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This giveaway will close on December 27, 2010 at Midnight (MST-Colorado time). We will use to pick one winner. If the winning comment is valid, we will email the winner at the email address provided in their comments. The winner will have 72 hours to reply to our Winning Announcement email. If we do not receive a reply within this time period we will select an alternate winner. This giveaway is limited to and will only be shipped to an address within the USA.

DISCLOSURE: As I stated in this post, I was provided with 2 pairs of Booty Shapers for trying out and posting my honest opinion of their product. The Trendsformers company will also provide 2 pairs of Booty Shapers to one of my lucky readers.

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  1. I have 3 pairs that could use these!

  2. I follow @TrendsFormers on Twitter under childrensnook

  3. I follow you on twitter under childrensnook

  4. They also have the organic surge brand

  5. I learned about this giveaway via email by being a subscriber!

  6. I have 5 pair of boots in my closet that desperately need these. I am hoping to buy more boots after the season, on sale of course, that will also need them. Lol, I'm not a fan of paying full price for anything.


  7. Follow Trends Formers on Twitter.


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  9. They also have the brand Bling Hangit on the site.


    They have some really cool stuff.

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    Leah W.

  13. Trendsformers FB wall 2.!/lewalk76/posts/171618136212072

  14. I honestly don't remember where I heard about your blog. I heard about the giveaway from checking here almost every day. I was trying to help my family out with expenses for the holidays and also families less fortunate and went around online and found names of blogs I liked and/or found things they were offering in a giveaway that I thought I could use and your blog made my list. Lol. Thanks.



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