Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Perfect Gift for Her...for $20 or less!

The Perfect Gift for Her...the Coobie Bra!

In my opinion (as well as many other women) the Coobie Bra is the Perfect Gift.

Why? Well let me tell you about the 5 Top Reasons that the Coobie Bra is the Perfect Gift...

1. It is THE Most COMFORTABLE Bra you will probably ever wear. I have paid twice the price for other bra's that I thought were comfortable, but still could not wait to take them off at the end of the day. With the Coobie bra, I have been known to actually forget to take it off at night. Some women have told me that they wear their Coobie to bed while they are lactating because it is so comfortable and provides a place to hold breast pads so they don't soak their beds with night leakage.

2. Since one bra fits all sizes from 32A through 36D it is the only bra that grows and shrinks with our ever changing female bodies. This is especially wonderful during our monthly bloating, pregnancy growth, and weight fluctuations during times of dieting, or holiday eating, lol. I have also been told that the Coobie Bra is the perfect bra after breast surgeries because it is so comfortable and again because fluctuates post-surgery swelling.

3. It is the perfect gift for Husbands, (as well as friends, mothers and daughters) to purchase because you don't have to know the exact size in order to purchase one.
Husbands get in more trouble from buying intimate clothing that is either too large and makes a woman think, "OMG, does he think I am that big?" or buying items too small that makes a woman think, "I don't fit in this tiny thing, I don't want to tell him I am too big to wear it." I feel so sorry for husbands. I told mine on our first holiday together that buying clothing items was just not a good idea. Of course that was before I discovered the Coobie Bra.

4. The V-Neck Lace Coobie Bra's can double as a camisole without all the bulk. You can wear it with low cut tops and allow the pretty lace top to peek out to look like you are wearing a camisole.

5. The Coobie Bra comes in So many colors
and 3 different styles, that you are sure to find one, or two that you love. My favorites are the Mocha, Olive Green, and the Lollipop Red!

Just look at this rainbow of colors, and this is only a partial display of the colors available in the Scoopneck style!

But the Best reason that the Coobie Bra is the Perfect Gift for Her... Now through Christmas Day, we are offering a BONUS FREE COOBIE!

For Her....
Buy 4 Coobie Bra's {Any Style} and receive a 5
th one FREE!

Coobie Bra's are THE Most Comfortable One-Size-Fits-Most Bra EVER! Fit's 32A thru 36D!

The Free one is our pick on color, will be the same style as at least one of the bras in your order. Just Say "Give Me 1 FREE" in the Comment Box with your order the includes 4 or more Coobie Bra's and we will throw in one extra!

Buying a Coobie Bra is Super Easy...Click here to see all of the Coobie Styles, Pick a color or two, and complete our quick and easy checkout. We will get your order shipped within 1 business day or less! AND, if your order is over $5o, choose 'Flat-rate Shipping' and it ships for FREE!

To hear what one of our other Coobie Wearing mama's thinks of the Coobie, and for a Chance to Win a Coobie {2 Winners} pop on over to Andrea's blog, Adventures in All Things Food. Her giveaway is ending 12/7 so don't delay.

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