Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Celebrations...

We will be Closed on Thursday February 17th and Friday February 18th because we will be spending that time with our daughter and granddaughter for their Birthdays.

 My oldest daughter, Jessie, is turning 29 years old this week!  Wow, it only seems like a few years ago when I turned 29...guess it was really a lot longer, lol.  Our granddaughter, Sydney, is also turning 4 years old this week.  Sydney was almost born on her Aunt Jessie's birthday, but fell short by just 2 days.  Her mother was happy though because she was actually due on Valentines Day... if you have ever had a baby go over your due date by even one day, you know it feels like a month!  I know all about that because both of my daughters were 9 days overdue.

This year we wanted to do something special for both of them, and decided to combine their birthday's into one really nice party.  So we will be away from the store for a few days to spend this time with two special girls in our family.  I hope you will understand.

Our absence will have no effect on our Thrifty Thursday event this week.  I have a really special Deal for you this week.  This deal is so Spectacular that I had to get the manufacturer's permission to publicly offer such a Huge Discount.  I cannot wait for the Thrifty Thursday post.  Oh, I have moved the post time up to 6:00am because some of my east coast shoppers expressed concerns about how late the post time is for them.  Would you like a hint?  I featured a product from this company during the Holidays...I even had a Giveaway where 2 lucky readers won a product from this company.  That is all I am going to tell you...just look for the Thrifty Thursday post at 6:00am (MST) on Thursday morning.

Remember that even though I may not be in the store, I am always available via email or Live Chat (see the link at the bottom of any page in our web store) when I am near a computer.

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