Thursday, January 28, 2010

C-Panty the After Cesarean Underware

We have been receiving so many new items recently that I feel like I spend half my time updating our "Featured Newest Arrivals" department!

Here is another product that we have had lots of demand for. The C-Panty!!! Finally, relief for moms recovering from Cesarean Section.

The C-Panty, the After Cesarean Underware is mom & MD designed to address post Cesarean Recovery concerns including swelling, scarring, sensitivity, and tenderness after a c-section.

The Key to C-Panty is:

  • An interior silicone panel localized to the C-section incision. Silicone increases the moisture content of the area and addresses scar formation issues such as scar appearance, size and symptoms.
  • A gentle compression panel to address swelling and support the incision area. Support and edema control mean increased comfort!
  • A fluted waist to avoid the discomfort of elastic panty waistbands. No more digging in waistbands or big-ole panties! Yes, C-moms, you can toss out the giant mesh panties!
  • An added bonus of the compression panel to control swelling is that C-Panty helps to provide a little post-baby shaping and hold down that pesky little C-bulge.
  • Designed by a two-time C-section mom and surgeon team to consider both clinical recovery factors and what C-moms want. C-Panty is seamless, washable and made in the USA.
  • For more info see the C-Panty FAQs and About Recovery and Resources pages.
  • C-Panty, get back to taking care of baby in comfort.


The C-Panty is genius! I am a former plastic surgery nurse and understand the importance of silicone sheeting on scars. As a mom with 2 C-sections under her belt (literally!) I wish I had found C-Panty sooner! I am in love with C-Panty. -J.G.

As a physician assistant, I can’t tell you how helpful C-Panty has been for the itching and burning that comes with healing. I highly recommend C-Panty to everyone that has had a Cesarean. -D.P.

I was not really worried about my scar since my first c-section scar healed fine. When I tried C-Panty though, I really liked the support and compression. I felt like it held it all in! -R.N.

Now Available at The Baby Store Plus!

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