Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New COOBIE BRA Color - Grey with Lace...

A New COOBIE BRA in Grey!!

I know that you ladies are Loving the Coobie Bra's...and now there is even More to Love! The New Grey Color V-Neck Lace Coobies have Arrived!

Haven't heard of the Coobie Bra yet??? Have you been in a cave? Just Kidding... the Coobie Bra is only THE Most Comfortable Bra I have ever worn! And I am certainly not alone. We have sold tons of the Coobies over the last few months and 9 out of 10 women who buy one, come back for more very soon! They are a One-Size-Fits-Most bra. Believe it or not they are guaranteed to comfortably fit any woman from size 32A to 36D, and many women, including myself, who are not within that range have found them to fit perfectly too.

Unlike other bras that can pinch and bind throughout the day, with the Coobie Bra you may even forget you are wearing a bra! They are not a nursing bra, but they are so stretchy that you could use them as one, yet still have great support. Because they are so flexible they fluctuate with your monthly (and pregnancy) body changes, so even though your pants may feel tight at certain times of the bra wont!

What price would you pay for this kind of comfort? Well I have paid over $40.00 for a bra that I thought was comfortable, yet I still could not wait till the end of the day so I could take it off. But the Coobie Bra is not even half that price...the strapless Bandeau is just $16.00, the Scoopneck is $18.00 and the V-Neck with Lace is only $20.00! At that price you can afford to have one in each color!

The new Grey color is now available in-store and online on our temporary shopping page, (online price is $21. which includes shipping) the grey bra is not yet pictured on the website.

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  1. How supportive is it for large-busted women? I need lots of support! :)

  2. Hi Hobo Mama! The Coobie is not as supportive as a sports bra, which is good because then it would flatten the However, it gives me plenty of support so I don't feel like I am floppin with ever step. I guess it would depend on how 'large-busted' you are. They are guaranteed (by the company) to be comfortable and fit perfectly, with support, for sizes 32A to 36D. To some of us with a B cup, a 36D sounds pretty busty, lol.

    I describe it best like this...if you are at the max band size suggested (36) AND larger than a D cup then it might not fit you too well.

    However, if you are at the low end of the band size (32) and a F cup, it probably will still fit you fine because the lack of band size used, will accommodate the larger cup.

    Or, if you are like me, a 40 band size and only a B cup, then the smaller cup size used, allows it to accommodate my larger band size.

    I hope that makes some kind of sense... without knowing your exact size it is hard for me to know if it will fit appropriately and provide the support your girls need. :)



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