Sunday, February 28, 2010

Attn: Maternity & Pregnancy Related Businesses!

The Baby Store Plus is putting together "Mommy-To-Be Gift Bags" that we will be giving out to Pregnant Moms at our store beginning April 1st.

The Gift Bags will contain:
  • Product Samples such as breast pads, nipple creams, teas, etc.
  • Informational brochures related to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, etc.
  • Resource information to support new moms.
  • Discounts, Coupons, Gift Cards
  • Breastfeeding Logs, Breast milk storage magnets, & other misc freebies.

If you have any pregnancy, maternity, birth, breastfeeding, or new mom product related samples, information, or coupons that you would like to included in our Gift Bags, please contact me at with "Gift Bag" in the subject line. {Submissions are subject to approval, must be related to theme as stated above.}

Update 3/01/10: We are receiving such a wonderful response from maternity, breastfeeding, & new mom related companies that want to participate in our "Mommy-To-Be Gift Bag" giveaway. I am getting very excited about the great value filled bags that the new mommies will receive. We are planning to fill 50 bags, but may need to increase that number if we start to run too low before Mother's Day, which is the planned finale of this event.

One of the most common question that I am getting is, "Can we submit brochures?" The answer is "Yes, you can." If you can also offer a discount code for the moms to use to purchase your product at some point in the future, that would be a wonderful bonus. It will also give your product greater exposure because a mom using a product will create more mommy conversations then a brochure that a mom has read. If you have samples, that is even better. Example...the gift bags will include a 4 pack of Medela Disposable Breast pads (as well as other brands) along with a discount coupon towards the future purchase of this product. This allows moms to actually try the product out themselves, then receive a discount on their first purchase if they like it.

Another question is, "You are a retail store owner, can I submit a product sample that competes with a product brand that you carry in your store?" The answer is again, "Yes" This giveaway is not about me. I want to give moms-to-be a gift that is valuable and useful to them, regardless of where the product comes from. Besides, if the moms love your product and want us to carry it in our store, then I will be in touch with you :)

The deadline to receive submissions is March 20, 2010, as we will be filling the Gift Bags after that. I cannot guarantee that late submissions will make it in all of the bags. I reserve the right to refuse any product that is not directly related to pregnancy, maternity, breastfeeding, or being a new mom, if you are unsure, just email me first. If your product is specifically related, feel free to go ahead and send a minimum quantity of 50, to:

The Baby Store Plus
Attn: Mommy-To-Be-Gift Bag
28 W Main Street
Cortez, CO 81321

When we are ready to start giving out the Gift Bags I will post on this blog, and within any publicity that we may do in relation to this event, the item submitted, company name & contact information, as well as websites for all products that we receive (and accept), for submission in the Gift Bags.

Thank you all for your generous participation!

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  1. This sounds great! What a great thing for new mommies!


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