Monday, February 15, 2010

The Baby Store Plus would like to help you Child Proof Your Home

Did you know that accidents in the home are the No 1 killer of children in the US? But most of these accidents could have been prevented. The Baby Store Plus would like to help you Child Proof Your Home. Use the tips below to help you keep your children safe at home. To help you make your home safer, The Baby Store Plus will give you 10% Off your purchase of any of our Child Safety products thru the end of February!

Childproofing Steps:

The most effective way to ensure your baby's safety is to take a baby's-eye view of your home. Get down on your hands and knees and see how things look from down there. What's within reach? What looks tempting to an infant or toddler? Where would you go if you could crawl, toddle, or walk? You should repeat this step often, as your child grows, looking higher each time.

~Install Locks on all cabinets & drawers and Never leave any medications or cleaning products in an unlocked cabinet or drawer.

~Install covers on all electrical outlets within your childs reach.

~Get in the habit of unplugging hair dryers & other small electrical devices after use.

~Install toilet locks to keep toilet lids closed. Children are top-heavy and can lean and fall into a toilet easily.

~Use doorknob covers to keep children out of rooms and other areas with hazards, such as swimming pools.

~Install Appliance Locks to keep children out of refridgerators & freezers. Remove the doors from unused appliances so a small child cannot become locked inside one.

~Keep curtain/blinds cords wrapped up high, out of reach and/or use cord covers.

~Prevent furniture from tipping over onto a child by securing bookcases, shelving, & heavy furniture to walls with brackets.

~Use Switch Extensions on light switches that are too high for small children, to prevent them from climbing on unsafe objects to reach the switch.

~All of the tips above are great, but don't let them give you a false sense of safety. Supervision is the best safety device you can have, but not always possible every single minute of every day and that is why these safety devices are needed.

Save 10% on all Baby Safety Devices at The Baby Store Plus. Online: use "Coupon Code: SAFETY10", discount will be applied to all 'Mommy's Helper' safety devices and 'Kid-Switch' Switch Extensions. In-store: look for our Child Proof Rack Cards near safety items and find a 10% Off Coupon on the back.

If you have a Safety Tip that you would like to add, especially something that you have learned about due to an experience with your child, please share it with other moms. Just post your comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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