Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Bands

Baby Be Mine Belly Bands...It's a Maternity Belly Band to fashionably cover your growing belly, No it's a Cute Top to show off your Pregnant Belly, No it's a Nursing Belly Band to cover your 'baby belly' while nursing...Well Actually it's All of These!

If you are newly pregnant and nothing fits, your regular clothes are too small, too tight, and too short to cover your belly and you're maternity clothes are still too big, then the Baby Be Mine belly band has got you covered...literally!

Or you want to show off your growing belly in a fun way, the Baby Be Mine belly band works as a fun way to expose your belly as a belly band for the layered look and cover the ugly maternity waist band, (or they are so long you could probably even wear them as a tube top like on our mannequin here.)~~>

And after baby is born, they cover your unbuttoned pants that don't quite fit yet for a layered look, or cover your 'after-baby' tummy while you breastfeed.

Versatile, chic, fun and totally reasonably priced at just $16.95!!

Check out these cute designs! (see more designs in-store or in our online store)

(not designed to 'hold up' your pants or skirt, just to cover the unbuttoned pants or ugly elastic band on maternity pants or fill the gap of short shirts.)

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