Thursday, August 26, 2010

Even More New Coobie Bra Colors -Lollipop Red and Ripe Apricot

Wow, Coobie is at it again! Even More New Colors just arrived and we haven't even received our new Fall Colors yet! The two Newest Colors are very Sexy Lollipop Red & Ripe Apricot.

I wish the true beauty of these vibrant colors could be captured digitally to show exactly the same on every computer screen. For some of our customers, they have trouble telling the difference between the Bright Blue and the Turquoise. So, to help with this issue I have taken a 'Coobie Bra Rainbow' photo to show all of the colors together. This should help make it a little easier to tell one color from another....since there are so many colors now.

Colors (Listed from Top to Bottom):

Ripe Apricot

Lollipop Red




Bright Blue


Hot Pink



Plus our Basic colors of: Nude, White, and Black

If you are looking for THE Most Comfortable Bra Ever, pick a color from the Rainbow and give the Coobie a Try. You will be back for more colors soon...they are that comfortable. And at a price of just $16.00, $18.00, and $20.00 each, (depending on the style), they are comfortable on your wallet too.

Coobie Bra's are a One-Size-Fits-Most Bra. The one bra will comfortably fit a 32A all the way through a 36D, plus many woman (including myself at 40B) report a comfortable fit outside of that range.

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