Sunday, August 1, 2010

Get in touch with Your Inner Child by Playing With a Child!

Remember Paper Dolls? I sure do. I probably had at least 50 different paper dolls throughout my childhood. I remember spending long hours on weekends, off in 'pretend-land', playing with my paper dolls. I couldn't wait to share that experience with my granddaughter. Since she is over 3 years old now I knew she would love the make-believe part of paper dolls but I worried how the clothing tabs would hold up under her not-so-gentle little fingers.

Children have to learn what is an appropriate amount of pressure to apply to different activities so this will develop with time. But for now, there is a wonderful set of toys from Melissa & Doug that allows a little one to play like paper dolls, but with sturdy thick wooden dolls that are magnetic. The Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls are fabulous for little fingers. We now have 3 sets of magnetic dress-up dolls at The Baby Store Plus and I gave one of them to Sydney to play with. She absolutely loved it! She played with her Maggie Leigh Wooden Dress-up Doll all day the first day and continued to play with it every day after.
There are three styles that we have, the Maggie Leigh that I gave Sydney, the Joey, so boys can play too, and the Abby & Emma double set. Each set comes in a pretty designed wooden divider tray to keep all the little parts & pieces organized. Each piece is magnetized so it easily attaches to the magnetic doll. The doll can be held in the little ones hands, laid out on a flat surface, or stood upright in the wooden stand that comes with each doll. Your little one can mix n match shirts, skirts, pants, dress, shoes and accessories for the girl dolls. The Joey doll comes with several career outfits so he can be a Super Hero, Firefighter, Policeman, a Knight, Construction Worker, and even a Pirate.
These Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls are recommended for children ages 3 and up. They do come with small pieces so if you have younger children you should supervise the parts when little ones are near.

The single dress-up dolls, Joey or Maggie Leigh are just $12.99 and the double set with Abby & Emma is just $19.99, and all are now available in our Online Store, as well as in our physical store in Cortez, Colorado.

Get in touch with Your Inner Child by Playing With a Child!

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