Sunday, August 1, 2010

Role Playing and Make-Believe with Melissa and Doug Toys

Little girls and boys love to role-play. Make-believe is the way they learn, that is why it is such a big part of kindergarten. I still have fond memories of pretending that I was a mommy with my baby dolls. I enjoyed it so much that even joined my daughters when they played, and now I get to do it all over again with my granddaughter Sydney.

She is just over 3 years old so she is just beginning to play make-believe. Discovering that she is now ready for role playing has opened a whole new area in my store. I have been seeking out fun toys that children of her age can use to play make-believe and be educational at the same time. In my search I discovered Melissa & Doug toys. Their products are made of such high quality that I really feel like I am getting a value for my money. Earlier this week I posted about the new Metal Shopping Cart from Melissa & Doug, and today I have also added some fun wooden foods that will be great to use with the shopping cart.

Starting with the basics, the Food Groups consists of 4 little food crates with real-looking wooden foods inside to help children learn about the four food groups as well as what makes a balanced diet. It is never too early to teach your children about the value of healthy eating. The Food Groups set contains: Bread Group: buns, sliced bread, dinner roll. Meat Group: steak, fish, hot dog, hamburger patty, egg. Dairy Group: cheeses, milk, butter. Fruit & Veggie Groups: lemon, tomato, banana, watermelon, orange, onion, and even a bottle of oil. All contained in four wooden crates.

Then to help your little one safely learn about cutting food, there is the Cutting Food set. This set contains 8 different wooden foods that your little one uses with the wooden knife and a cutting board to slice the food. When the knife goes through the pre-sliced areas the food even makes a neat "CRUNCH" sound! The foods can then be re-assembled and sliced again. With this set of food you can also teach your children about whole, part, and fractions.
Once your little chef learns about food groups and cutting food, she will be ready to test her baking skills with the Slice & Bake Cookie Set. This set comes beautifully packaged in a bright red box and includes: a colorful wooden set of 12 sliceable cookies, 12 toppings, a wooden knife and spatula, a cookie sheet and even a kitchen mitt for safe "low-calorie" play! The cookies all store inside of a durable dough tube.

These wooden food sets are sure to give your little one hours of fun! And because they are so durably made, they will last a very long time. You can purchase all of these Melissa & Doug products in our Online Store now for just $19.99 each. They are also available in our physical store located in Cortez Colorado.

Re-discover the child in you, by playing with a child!

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  1. Those are very clever - and look beautifully made. If I had children, I would definitely look at getting the cutting set, that's so neat.

  2. I love Melissa and Doug products - these look wonderful!


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