Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mimijumi Baby Bottle for a Smoother Transition between Breast and Bottle

I am a firm believer that 'Breast is Best' for babies, but when it is time for a mama to return to work, I think the important thing to remember is that 'breastmilk' is best for babies. That time can be very stressful for mama and baby alike. Baby is accustomed to the breast and sometimes has a tough time transitioning to a bottle. Time after time, mama's come in to my store in a state of panic because they cannot find a nipple that their baby will accept. Baby wants what is familiar...mama's breast, and they can become stressed, frustrated, and very hungry while trying to adjust to a bottle. I've had mama's tell me that their baby is totally refusing to eat from the bottle. Mother fears that baby will not get enough to eat, and this causes mama even more emotional stress then what she is already feeling about going back to work.

For this reason I set out to find a baby bottle that was most like the breast. I know that nothing will be exactly like the breast, but I think I found a bottle that is pretty darn close. It is the mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Bottle. The entire top of the bottle is a nipple and it looks and feels pretty close to the breast. The color is not going to match all nationalities, and it doesn't have a darker areola like a real breast, but I don't think your baby is going to notice that. It is the texture and shape that will match much more closely than standard bottles.The mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Bottle is pretty amazing. The nipple really does feels a lot like a woman's breast. I wish you could actually 'feel' the nipple yourself. It is 'squishy' like a real breast. The bottle is angled in such a way as to allow lots of close body-to-body contact to help mimic a natural nursing position. The nipple is made of only the highest food & medical grade silicone and the entire bottle is BPA free.

This bottle was created with input from Designers, Mothers, Nurses, Physcians, and Lactation Experts and was conceived as a compliment to breastfeeding. The mimijumi company knows that while the benefits of breastfeeding are well known, sometimes breastfeeding is not always practical in today's world.
I now stock the mimijumi baby bottles in my store. Each bottle comes with a Flow Rate 1 nipple designed for babies 0-3 months. We also carry extra replacement nipples in Flow Rates 1, 2, and 3. These bottles are not cheap, in the texture & feel, quality craftsmanship, or in the price at $17.95 each, but I think any mama who can return to work without all the stressful worrying about baby not taking a regular bottle, will agree that the mimijumi baby bottle is worth every penny.

See our website for more details about the mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Bottle or to purchase one.

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  1. My sister's son could of totally used this bottle. He would not take one at all when she went back to work. We actually had to teach him to use a sippy cup early.


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