Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Newest Arrival: The Mommy Hook ~ A Must-Have Mom Accessory

The Mommy Hook is our Newest Arrival...
This newest arrival item takes me back to when my kids were little and we lived in the city, close to everything. Rather than drive the car the short distance to the grocery store I would put the smaller child in a stroller and the older one and I would walk to the nearby grocery store to shop for a few days groceries at a time. Sometimes we would end up with more than just a few bags so I would tie the bag handles on to the stroller handle and the side bars. I am sure I looked like a bag lady with all of the bags tied all around the stroller. That poor stroller carried such a heavy load, but it was better than wasting fuel to drive the car to such a close location in town. I remember having to stop several time in our 8-10 block walk to re-tie the bags or my purse because they would loosen up from the vibration caused by rolling along the sidewalk.

I am sure you can visualize what this must have looked like. You have probably done the same thing when going for a stroll with your diaper bag, purse, bag of goodies or toys for the kids, etc. Think how much easier this would have been with something like The Mommy Hook to hold all of the bags, your purse, and a diaper bag by their handles rather then trying to tie them each around the handle of the stroller. I think The Mommy Hook this definitely is a 'Must-Have' Mom Accessory.

I can think of so many other uses too. Just imagine how organized you could keep the bags of groceries in the back of your pick-up bed or large cargo area of your vehicle if you hooked all of the handles together with the Mommy Hook. My husband has already told me how the Mommy Hook would be perfect for keeping his extension cords and air hoses rolled and organized, and how he could use it to hang them on the wall, up out of the way in his shop. So I guess that makes it sort of a 'Must-Have Dad Accessory' too.

You can now find The Mommy Hook at The Baby Store Plus store in Cortez as well as in our Online Store for just $7.99 each.

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