Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vapor-Raz Clips Comfort Babies with Colds ~Provide Gentle Aromatherapy

With Cold & Flu Season just around the corner it's time to think seriously about how you are going to protect your little one from all of the germs that will be passing around soon. But this year I have something that just might make your baby more comfortable if he or she catches a cold. It's the Vapor-Raz Clip that doubles as a pacifier holder too.

The Vapor-Raz Clip provides Gentle Aromatherapy using Natural Therapeutic Oils. You can choose between a Lavender scent that calms and relaxes your baby, or a blend of Eucalyptus & Menthol to comfort babies with colds & congestion. You simply insert the tiny pad filled with the natural oils in to the Vapor-Raz Clip, then clip it onto baby's clothing just like you would a pacifier clip. In fact, the clip has a strap with a velcro end so a pacifier can be clipped to it. Each aroma filled pad will release 8 hours of soothing aromatherapy to baby...and those nearby :)

When my kids and grandbabies got colds with congestion the doctor usually said to just make them feel comfortable and it will pass in 3-5 days -easier said then done. We as adults take all kinds of medications to un-stuff and sooth ourselves, but babies cannot safely take over the counter medications. One thing we found that a works well is rubbing a menthol chest rub on to babies chest, but lets face it, that is messy and it stains babies clothing and any fabric that it touches. With the Vapor-Raz, no oils come in contact with babies skin or their clothing.

So before your baby catches their next cold, pick up a Vapor-Raz Clip & a box of Refill Pads so you are prepared. They are now available in our brick & mortar store in Cortez, Colorado, as well as in our Online Store for just $6.49 for each Vapor-Raz Clip (which contains one of each aromatherapy scent pads), and 4-packs of Refill Pads are just $5.99 in your choice of scents.

Follow-up: The day these arrived I opened one of the boxes so I could test the product out for myself. I was having a particularly stressful morning so I thought, what the heck, I will open the Lavender pad to test. By the time I had tried it out, taken the pictures for this post, and left is sitting on my desk for a few hours while I enjoyed the scent, I felt notably calmer. So even though this is marketed for baby's & toddlers, it benefited me too :)

~.~ SPECIAL! ~.~ SPECIAL ~.~
As a Special Gift to my readers and their Sweet Babies & Toddlers, I am offering a $1.00 Discount on every Purchase of a Vapor-Raz Clip now through September 30, 2010. Just enter Coupon Code: "VaporRaz916" at check-out to receive the discount.

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