Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My 1st Career Gear Role-Playing and Halloween Costumes

What will your child be when he or she grows up? They spend their childhood pretending to be this or that...trying on the role of grown up. Why not help them have fun by providing them with cute but simple role-playing outfits.Kids don't need for it to be Halloween to have fun dressing up like a doctor, firefighter, police officer, or a road crew worker. Role-playing games are not only fun for kids, they are also a healthy part of development. If you are looking for an inexpensive costume for your kids to act out their future careers, or a foundation for a creative Halloween costume, check out these My 1st Career Gear outfits by Aeromax.
At a price of just $10.95 each you can afford to let your child try out a few careers! Each My 1st Career Gear includes a 1 piece top with hook & loop closures that will fit most kids ages 3-6. Each outfit has a show-thru window chest pocket where you can insert a card with your childs name written on it. The tops are printed to look like the pockets are holding 'tools-of-the-trade'.

My 1st Career Gear is now available in-store and Online at The Baby Store Plus. More elaborate costumes are on their way, but remember that kids don't really need expensive outfits to have fun with role-playing.

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