Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Arrived! Baby Sherpa Safe2Go Backpack Child Harness with a Retractable Tether!

They Are HERE!!!! Yipee!
They Finally Arrived!

When your baby starts walking and becomes a toddler they also become very independent and think they should be allowed to walk in public places without you holding their hands 'like a baby'. However, we parents and grandparents know that this is not always a safe thing for them to do. Walking along a busy sidewalk or in a parking lot can be very dangerous for small children. Walking in busy public places like shopping malls or airports can also pose a problem as a toddler doesn't know to that they need stay next to you and they can quickly get away from you.

In these kinds of situations many parents opt for a child harness, but they tend to feel very self-conscious with their child in what looks like a dog leash. Yes, there are new child harnesses on the market that are disguised as backpacks, but they all have one huge flaw that isn't always apparent until you have used one...the tether strap. You have to hold the tether strap constantly or you have two options: stop the child and pack the tether strap away inside the pack when you don't need to hold it OR you let it drag along behind them getting filthy dirty. The later is not a good option because you probably don't want to pick the dirty thing up again.

But there IS another is the Baby Sherpa Safe2Go Backpack Harness. Why is it so much better than the others? Because the tether strap is retractable! Each of these cute character backpacks conceal that it is actually a safety harness. The backpack/safety harness is equipped with adjustable padded shoulder and waist straps so it is comfortable to wear. It also comes with a retractable 38" tether which can hold children up to 50 lbs (tested up to 50lbs of pulling strength) and automatically retracts into the pack when you don't need it.

The tether is the same type used in dog leashes. There is no slack dragging on the ground because the tether automatically retracts when the child is close to you. I use this same type of tether for my dogs and I have never had a problem with the tether getting tangled when retracting, or breaking when pulled, even when a cat runs by and my dogs take off after it.

The Safe2Go Backpack is designed for children walking age to 4 years old. It meets the ASTM and CE standards and is CPSIA Compliant. I am very excited to have them now available in my store. My granddaughter Sydney and I are going to really get lots of use out of hers this weekend when we visit the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona. That is one place that I want to be sure that she is always close by, but I also want her to feel like the 'big girl' that she is. I personally recommend this product for parents and grandparents of toddlers through 4 years old, as it offers safety for your little one and peace of mind for us parents and grandparents.

To purchase a Baby Sherpa Safe-2-Go Harness visit The Baby Store Plus in Cortez, or buy one in our Online Store. ALL characters are now in-stock and available for purchase right now! Priced at just $27.00.

Click here to view the Safe2Go demo video!

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  1. What a great idea to make them so cute and appealing!


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