Sunday, June 20, 2010

Live Chat Support is Now Available at The Baby Store Plus!

At The Baby Store Plus customer service is one of our top priorities. We always try to answer emails promptly, give assistance over the telephone when needed, ship orders as fast as humanly possible (within 1 business day is our guarantee) and now we also have Live Help via Chat Support available any time I am on a computer...anywhere, anytime! Not just during normal business hours either, but anytime that I am logged on to one of my computers, I will be available on our New Live Help Chat Support line, ready to assist you.

Here is our friendly operator....

Well, actually Sydney is too young to chat just yet, so you will have to settle for chatting with me. So from now on, if I am up until midnight on a Saturday evening working on a blog post for the next week, and you have a question about something while shopping in our online store, just click on the Live Help Chat button and I will be there to help you. Regardless of whether I am in the store, in my home office, kicking back on my bed with a laptop, or even on the road with my laptop...I will be there to assist you in any way that I can.

If I am not at my computer at that very moment, the link will say "Offline" in red letters. If I am logged in to any of my 5 computers (yes, I am a bit addicted), then you will see "Online" in green letters. Even if I am not online at that moment, you can still click on the link and the Volusion software will let you send me a message. The next time I log-on I will instantly get your message and answer you right away.

Go ahead and give it a try right now, just for fun. Go to The Baby Store Plus online store and find the 'Live Help' chat button found near the bottom of the following pages: Home, About Us, or Contact Us. It looks like this:
If it says "Online" in green, then click on it and say HI!

Anna ~ the Baby Store Lady

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