Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Arrived! Hook 'n' Stroll

I don't know why or how it happens but when you have a child you seem to 'need' so many things when you go for an outing. Even for a simple outing to the park can require a diaper bag, your purse, toys & what-not to entertain your little one. And all of that can really weigh you down, so to save your shoulders you strap these items onto the handle of your baby stroller. I have seen moms come in to my store with diaper bag straps tied in big knots on the handle of the stroller, along with shopping bags tied on the sides of the stroller too. I just imagine all the time it takes to tie the bags on, then untie them when they get back home and heaven forbid you need something inside one of those bags tied in the elaborate knots it took to get it to stay on the stroller.

There is a better solution...it's the Hook 'n' Stroll. There are two in each package so it's a bargain at just $9.95 per package. They have a strong velcro strap that will easily accomodate just about any size stroller handle and can hold up to 11 lbs each. The generous sized hook swivels 360 degrees so you can quickly hang your purse, diaper bag, shopping bags, even some toys from the hook, and just as quickly take it off.
But the uses for the Hook 'n' Stroll are not limited to stroller use. They are also great to use in the car to hook around the headrest posts to hold toys to entertain you child, or even on the rails of your babies crib to hold a musical toy or other items to allow baby to watch them while resting.

The Hook 'n' Stroll is made by See Me Smile, the same company that makes the BearView Mirrors that allow you to safely keep an eye on your baby in rear-facing infant seats while you drive. They are so clever!
You will probably find a million other uses for the Hook 'n' Stroll hooks...and when you do I would love to hear about them!

Anna ~ the Baby Store Lady

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  3. Very cool! I think anything that adds an extra hand is a product that I could use! :)

  4. Those look really nice.. I have some tha just hook on, but they don't stay on the stroller well. These look like they work much better.

  5. Yes, they do stay in place really well, especially on the stroller handles that are padded. You can really cinch the velcro strap down tight, even when hooking on the vertical sides of a handle.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment!

    :) Anna


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