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BearView Mirrors allow moms to see baby in a rear-facing infant seat while driving

When my kids were babies, 26 and 29 years ago, we did not have rear-facing infant seats. They faced forward and I even put them in the front seat so I could keep a close eye on them. The knowledge about safety was very different then, so now all infants through at least 12 months of age are required to be in rear-facing infant seats. Due to the wonderful improvements in auto-safety and airbags, now they cannot even sit in the front seat.

When my grandkids were born my daughter and I worried about them when they were all the way in the back seat AND facing backwards. What if they stopped breathing? What if they were choking on something? What if they spit up and needed cleaned up? All of this and many other 'What if's" ran through our heads. So someone always had to be the designated 'baby watcher'. We didn't go anywhere that someone wasn't sitting in the back to watch the baby.

Sound ridiculous but it gave us both some peace of mind. Then we discovered the BearView Mirrors which allows a nervous ninny mom (or grandma) to easily keep an eye on the baby in a rear-facing car seat, all the way back there in the back seat, while driving! I immediately decided that the BearView Mirrors were a 'Must-Have' for my baby & maternity shop. I recommend them to ALL new parents, expecting parents, and as the #1 Baby Shower Gift.

Bear View Mirror

Side View of a Bear View Mirror   in use.

The BearView mirrors come in 5 Adorable Plush Characters: Monkey, Pink Puppy, Brown Puppy, Tan Bear, and a Panda. They provide entertainment for your baby, and allow you to drive worry free. You just attach the BearView to the headrest where your baby's car seat is positioned, then adjust your rear-view mirror so that you can easily see your baby in the big 7" wide convex mirror positioned in the belly of the plush animal.

Because babies love to look at themselves, the BearView Mirror is also great to attach to the crib rails so your baby can look at herself while she lays down for a nap, or for propping up to play with your baby during tummy-time.

There are several ways to install the BearView in your vehicle, depending on whether or not you have a headrest in the rear seats. Below is a video demonstrating how to install a BearView in a vehicle with a rear headrest. For vehicles without a headrest click here to see both installation videos.

Instructions for Installation in vehicles With a rear headrest.

All of the BearView Mirror characters can be purchased for just $24.95 in our Online Store, or in our physical store in Cortez, Colorado. Remember that All Orders over $100 Ship for FREE within the lower US 48 States. (just select 'Flat-Rate Shipping' during check out)

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