Sunday, June 13, 2010

$25.00 Baby Store Plus Giveaway Hosted by Home Grown Families Cover the Booty Cloth Diaper Event

Are you new to Cloth Diapers looking for answer to help you understand how using cloth is better for your Baby, the Earth, and even your Wallet? Are you already a Cloth Diaper Mama and just want to learn a few new tricks?

Would you like to Win some Cloth Diapers, Diaper Accessories, or even Gift Certificates to Buy other Baby Products? Then you need to visit Home Grown Families blog to enter the COVER THE BOOTY Cloth Diaper Events Going on all Month Long...

...And ENTER to WIN a $25.00 Baby Store Plus Giveaway she is hosting for us!!

Home Grown Families

Melissa has been so extremely helpful in informing me about all of the different Cloth Diaper styles, brands, pro's & con's, and even the best methods of laundering your cloth diapers. With her help we will be bringing your top choices of Cloth Diapers and associated accessories to The Baby Store Plus, very soon!

Besides being a Cloth Diapering Mama, she is also a Homeschooling Mama too! Her blog offers information about projects and lessons that she is using and so much more. She would me a great resource for other homeschooling parents. She also hosts tons of great Reviews & Giveaways. If you have a little on in your life, you should add her website to your Fav Sites list.

Go check her out!
Home Grown Families

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