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NEW SHIPMENT -Paci-Plushies Pacifier Holders & Their Special Charity Benefits

NEW SHIPMENT JUST ARRIVED! The Paci-Plushies have been such a huge hit that we nearly ran out! But don't worry, we just received a whole new shipment. This time we got extras of the Lovie Lamb since so many of you wanted to purchase the one that in particular because 100% of the Proceeds, both Wholesale and Retail, goes to children's Charities. Thank you all for those extra purchases that mean so much!

The Paci-Plushies Pacifier Holder have been a long awaited prize for my grandson Russell! He really, really wanted a WubbaNub but he did not like the Soothie pacifiers that are attached to them. The hospital was out of the Soothies when he was born so he started with a MAM pacifier and wouldn't change. His little girl friend Bryley was hooked on the WubbaNubs, she has at least 6 of them, and he really wanted one too. Now that the Paci-Plushies are here, he gets to have a cute little plushie hooked to his pacifier too, because they are made to fit most name brand pacifiers (see the complete list below).

The Paci-Plushies are not only darn cute, they are functional too. The light weight plush characters attach to infant pacifiers, making the pacifier easy to find and easy for baby to place in it's mouth.

But before I get into the benefits to your baby, I want to share something with you, about one of the Special Paci-Plushies...

Lovie Lamb, the ultra LOVEable Lamb is the gift that keeps on giving. Created specifically for The Austin Hatcher Foundation, 100% of the wholesale proceeds benefit childhood cancer research. AND, to keep that gift of giving going even further, The Baby Store Plus will also Donate 100% of the retail proceeds to The NEST, Child Advocacy Center for abused children, right here in Cortez, Colorado. So remember Lovie the Lamb next time you want to give a thoughtful gift to a new baby.

Retail Priced at $13.99
Find them In-Store or Online @ The Baby Store Plus

Benefits Paci-Plushies Include:

Ingenious Solution - Paci-Plushies™ are the first and ONLY plush pacifier holder of it's kind to attach to Name Brand pacifiers! Button and Ring Handled pacifiers attach to a super soft and light-weight plush toy making the pacifier easy for young infants to hold and easy for Mom to find around the house!

Unique Design - Lovingly designed with a flexible, silicone Hug Ring™, Paci-Plushies™ eailsy connect to Baby's favorite pacifiers including MAM™ , Avent™ , Nuby™ , NUK™ , Evenflo™ , Playtex Binky™ and many more!

Simplifies Mom's Life - No more searching the house for those lost or misplaced pacifiers! Paci-Plushies™ make finding Baby's pacifier easy as can be!

Easy to Clean- Snap-off the pacifier and toss into the dishwasher for sanitation, and throw the plush toy into the washing machine to keep clean.

Boosts Motor Skills - Babies learn to hold and control their Paci-Plushies™ at an early age, encouraging the development of motor skills often at a much younger age. The ultra soft fabric also adds an extra stimulation for baby's tiny fingers.

Light Weight Design - All of the Paci-Plushies™ characters are 6 inches long and about 4 ounces in weight, anatomically sized for a newborn and light enough for them to control.

Most Name Brand pacifiers will work with Paci-Plushies™. Pacifiers with a button handle are a perfect fit. For pacifiers with a ring handle, stretch the hug ring over the ring for attachment.

Please note that NUK Pacifiers with the Ring Handle are compatible with Paci-Plushies™, but connect more loosely than other brands (don’t worry, they still get the job done!)

Button Handle Pacifiers

  • Baby Buddy™
  • Circo™
  • Cry Babyz™
  • Elodie Details™ Standard
  • Elodie Details™ Golden Edition
  • Elodie Details™ Silver
  • Evenflo™ Mimi Soft Touch
  • First Years™
  • Fisher-Price™ Lightening In The Dark
  • Gerber™NUK Button Pacifiers
  • Learning Curve™ Button Pacifiers
  • MAM™
  • Munchkin™ Pacifiers
  • Nookums™
  • Nuby™ Pacifiers
  • Posh Pacifier™
  • RazBaby™ Keep-it-Kleen
  • Sesame Beginnings™
  • The First Years™

Ring Handle Pacifiers

  • Avent™
  • Babys Best™
  • Crazy Baby Clothing™ Pacifiers
  • Dior™ Baby Pacifiers
  • Ed Hardy™ Infant Pacifiers
  • Genuine Bibi™ Soother
  • Juicy Couture™ Infant Pacifiers
  • Humphrey's Corner™ Safey Soothers
  • Luv n' Care™
  • Mothercare™ Newborn Pacifiers
  • Mumlo™ Pacifiers
  • Munchkin™
  • My Pacifier™
  • Nuby™
  • NUK™
  • Personalized Pacifiers™
  • Playtex Binky™
  • Richell Hello Kitty™ Pacifiers
  • Tigex™
  • Tommee Tipee™
The Adorable Characters are: (Clockwise) Paisley the Panda, Baby the Bear, P-Nut the Puppy, Cuddles the Cat, Milo the Monkey, Bentley the Bear, Lovie the Lamb, and Pixie the Puppy. They can ALL be found at The Baby Store Plus!

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  1. Wow.. this blog is like a paradise for moms and their babies! I like handle pacifiers you review. They are soooo cute :)


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