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Get the Moby Wrap with UV Protection for this Summer

If you've been doing your homework about the benefits of Babywearing then you have probably heard wonderful things about the Moby Wrap. It just happens to be MY personal favorite infant carrier, and I am not alone. The Moby Wrap is one of the most recognized and recommended wrap style infant carriers available. It is not only the most comfortable infant carrier I have ever worn, but it also affords you some hands-free bonding time with your baby so you can do all of the things a busy new mom needs to do, while holding your baby close to you.

The M
oby Wrap comes in an array of Solids, Seasonals, Prints, Designs, Batiks, and Organics and even with UV Protection too! That's right, the Moby Wrap even helps to protect your little one from the harmful UV rays by wrapping with a Moby Wrap treated with the *Rayosan Process.

The Baby Store Plus just received our first Spring & Summer shipment of Moby Wrap UV's so stop by the store to see the how pretty you will look in a
Fuchsia, Sand, or Turquoise UV Protected Moby Wrap this spring. Can't make it to the store? No problem, you can purchase any of the Moby Wrap styles in our online store.
Moby Wrap UV Price is just $44.95!

Fuchsia Sand Turquoise

If you are going to be in Cortez, Colorado on April 24, 2010, please visit our booth at the Early Childhood Fair to see a Moby wrapping demonstration and enter a drawing to WIN a Free Moby Wrap too!

*Think of the Rayosan process as an invisible dye. It acts like a mirror and will deflect the harmful UVA and UVB rays off of the fabric. These rays are bounced back and prevented from going through the fabric and harming baby's delicate skin. The dye is considered to be durable for the life of the garment. It is long lasting, but will start to gradually wash out after 30 washes or so.

Why does everyone love the Moby Wrap?

They are comfortable
The design of the Moby® Wrap uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby. Unlike other carriers, which have narrow straps or go across one shoulder, the Moby® Wrap is a wide piece of fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders. It is amazingly comfortable and easy to wear. There are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners. It is easy to adjust the fit of your Moby® Wrap by varying how tightly you wrap yourself and your baby.

You and Baby feel secure
The Moby® Wrap comes with an easy to follow instructional guide and online video clips, wrapping tips and safety information. With the single stretch cotton and the width of the Moby® Wrap, your baby is wrapped close and tight, ensuring a secure hold. Your baby’s head can also be secured under the stretchy cotton fabric for added safety. You can finally have both hands free and know your baby is safe and secure.

They allow you to be uniquely close to your baby
There is not a lot of extra material or bulky padding between you and your baby. Your baby can hear your heartbeat and finds comfort in the warmth of your body within the cuddly confines of the Moby® Wrap.

You can 'wear' your baby from Birth to 35 lbs
The Moby® Wrap is an optimal baby carrier for infants. Parents of newborns are often prescribed to practice "kangaroo care," skin-to-skin contact used to increase birth weight, which can be easily achieved while wearing your Moby® Wrap. The Moby® Wrap is long enough to adapt to your growing baby. The fabric can hold up to 35 lbs.

They Soothe fussy babies
It is amazing how quickly a baby will settle down once wrapped in the Moby® Wrap. Experts like Dr. Sears, stress the importance of holding your baby often and close. The Moby® Wrap allows you to do this with ease. The style of the wrap ensures your baby is uniquely close, while providing ultimate comfort and support. Now your baby can be kept close and happy while enjoying the benefits of being carried. Carried babies cry significantly less, develop secure attachments to their caregivers, have improved sleep habits and lower levels of stress.

They are Versatile
There are many ways to wear your Moby® Wrap. You can wear your baby upright or slightly reclined facing you, facing the world, or on your hip. Secure, developmentally appropriate holds are illustrated in the included instructional guide and online. Moby® Wraps are one size which means all caregivers can easily and comfortably share the wrap.

And because life happens...They are Machine Washable
Prewashing before use is recommended. The Moby® Wrap is easy to clean. Machine wash your Moby® in cold water and tumble dry low. As with all cotton items, slight shrinkage is expected during the first wash and extra length is built into the design of the Moby® to accommodate this.

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  1. I've heard great things about the Moby Wrap, it's so cool that they come with UV protection now!

    Happy Easter! :)


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