Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vote for us in the Little Remedies Blogroll Contest!

I love all of Little Remedies products for kids. I especially love their Teething Tablets, and Saline Spray for Stuffy Noses. They offer Safe medications for infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children. Their products are gentle, safe formulas, non-medicated and medicated, to ease the symptoms of many common childhood illnesses. And because each treatment is free of unnecessary artificial colors, chemicals, and additives, they offer pure relief that a mom (or grandma) can feel good about.

Little Remedies is currently running a Contest to Honor Mom Bloggers and their Fans, and we have entered! So The Baby Store Plus Blog and one of our Fans can EACH win $1000 or 1 of 38 other cool prizes (total = $6,000+ in prizes). How do you help us Win??? By Voting for us of course!

It is Very Easy...

Just just click on the "VOTE For ME!" button below, {also found on our side bar just above our subscription link} to get to our Voting Page.

You can Vote Daily, one vote per day!

Each Vote will get YOU one Sweepstakes entry too! (20 votes = 20 entries)

We Win if we are one of the Top 20 Blogs to receive Votes from our Fans.

20 Fans will be selected by random drawing, so the more you Vote, the greater your odds. Of these 20 Fans, One
(1) will be a Grand Prize winner and nineteen (19) will be First Prize winners.

Each Grand Prize Winner will receive:

All Grand and First Prize Winners will receive a gift kit containing:

So What Are You Waiting For??? VOTE!!! (click the 'VOTE For ME' button below)

Vote For The Baby Store Plus BLOG

Thank you for helping us try to Win the Little Remedies "Little Blogroll" Contest! Remember to come back every day until April 26, 2010 to Vote again!

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