Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nurtria ~ Simply Better Feeding -Bottles, Trainers & Sippies!

There's a New Kid on the Block...named Nurtria. They have a Premium feeding line which offers safe, easy and convenient feeding solutions, that are all BPA Free! While the Quality is Premium, the price is Not!

The Nurtria Bottles each have their own Special Feature that I really love and I'm sure you will too!

There is an Anti-Colic Bottle that has an Anti-colic ring designed to prevent a colic-causing vacuum, no-drip caps that seal the nipple to prevent leaks, a wide neck for easy cleaning and filling, and an easy grip curved shaped bottle that makes it easier for baby to hold.

They also have a Training Bottle with detachable handles on the sides to help your little one transition easily from bottle to sippy cup, or just to help him hold on to his bottle easier. Like the other bottles by Nurtria, the Training Bottle also has the wide mouth for ease of cleaning & filling.

But the one I am Most Excited about is the Self-Sterilizing Bottle! Yes, I said "Self" Sterilizing! The bottle sterilizes itself in 90 seconds with the sterilization cap - no additional equipment is needed! Like Nurtria's other bottles, this one too has a wide neck and easy grip curved bottle shape.
Once your baby is no longer needing a bottle, you will need a quality sippy cup, and Nurtria has got those too. The Nurtria Flip-Top Straw Sippy is a big 12 oz size and features a No-spill cap that prevents spills and leaks. The Flip-Top easily closes to help to keep the straw from getting dirty by touching everything. When you need to clean the straw out, we have got you covered there too...just pick up a 2-pack of Sippy Straw Cleaners available in-store and online!

Because it is a straw, your little one learns to drink like older kids, rather than mimicking the bottle by tilting her head back to drink. The Nurtria Flip-Top Straw Sippy has an air ventilation valve that prevents vacuum for smoother drinking. And again, it has the easy grip curved shape that makes the cup much easier to hold.

Our Test & Review: As you know by now, my grandchildren test 90% of the products that you will find in my store. My grandson Russell is past the bottle stage so he got to give the Flip-Top Straw Sippy a test drive. We Love It...Er, he loves it! He likes it because he feels like a big-kid drinking out of a straw, and we love it because it 'doesn't leak' and because he can really keep a good grip on it due to the curved shape, so it spends less time on the floor than other sippies. (I'll try to post his picture soon).

All of these BPA Free Nurtria "Premium Quality" Bottles, Trainers & Sippies are now available at The Baby Store Plus! (and will be available in our online store on 4/7/2010).

The Anti-Colic Bottles are just $5.95 for the singles, and $14.95 for the 3-packs.
The Self-Sterilizing Bottles are just $5.95 for the singles and $14.95 for the 3-packs.
The Trainer Bottles are only $6.25 each in singles only.
The Flip-Top Straw Sippy is just $4.45 each.

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