Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mary Meyer Stick Horses & Ponies, a Childhood Classic!

Do you remember Stick Horses & Ponies? I sure do, and so do my daughters, and now my grandkids will have fond memories of them too because we now carry the Mary Meyer Fancy Prancer Precious Pony and the Easy Ride Um Black & Brown Horses too.

The Fancy Prancer Precious Pony is a bright purple Magical and Mystical pony with its blue and purple mane, a white spot and adorned with a bright star on her side. She is 33" of make believe fun. We have them in-store now for $14.95.

The Easy Ride Um Horses, in Black or Brown are 33" from the bottom of the stick to the tip of the head, and these horses will make neigh and gallop sounds when you press the right ear. We have them in-store now for $19.95.
These Stick horses were voted as a Toy of the Century by the Toy Industry Association. Stick horses have been a Mary Meyer staple for more years then you can remember.

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