Sunday, July 4, 2010

Boon: Benders, Catch Bowls, and Grass ~ Helping Toddlers Learn to Self-feed

If your child is past the toddler stage, then you probably remember how they wore more of their food then they ate. That was most likely because it takes considerable skill for a toddler to scoop food up in a spoon, get it to their lips and into their mouth, without dumping the contents of the spoon about half-way through the process.

Try to do it yourself right now. Pay close attention to every move and twist that your arm, wrist, and hand has to do, while your mouth is also opening, your neck is tilting upward, and your shoulders are leaning forward...all while you are balancing food on a spoon! That is a lot for a little one to learn all at once. But there is one thing that makes this just a bit easier to learn and a little less messy too. It is the Bender Spoons by Boon, Inc.

I am amazed at the simple technology of the Benders. They allow you to bend the spoon or fork at an angle to make it easy to get the scoop-end of the utensil closer to the child mouth. This means they have one less twist and turn to maneuver while learning to feed themselves, which means more food makes it in their mouth and they feel more accomplished. The utensil will hold this angle for as long as your child needs it there. Then gradually as your child's motor skills develop you slowly bend the spoon or fork back towards a straight position.

This is simply ingenious, and what makes it even better is that you can bend the utensil to accommodate a right or left-handed child. We now carry them at The Baby Store Plus and I personally recommend the Benders to any mom who has a little one just beginning to learn to self feed.

Another Boon product that helps this process is the Catch Bowl. You can see the little girl is using a catch bowl in the picture above, with her Bender spoon. The Catch Bowl is sort of shaped like an upside-down baseball hat, so the brim of the 'hat' points towards the child...that way it can 'catch' any food that doesn't quite make it in your little ones mouth and neatly funnel it back down into the bowl. The Catch Bowl is made of a flexible soft material so it flexes when bumped. The bottom of the bowl even has a suction cup base so the bowl doesn't move around while your toddler is trying to scoop food or eat.

I tell you, Boon seems to think up the neatest ideas. Here is another neat idea that makes a great addition to any kitchen with infants or toddlers...its the Grass Countertop Drying Rack. It is not only a wonderfully functional kitchen aid, it is also just about the cutest thing you will have in your kitchen. What a great place to put your bottles, nipples, rings, Benders, and other small items to allow them to thoroughly air dry.

Many other cool Boon products are now available at The Baby Store Plus brick & mortar store in Cortez, Colorado or in our online store too!

Is your child nearing the self-feeding stage? Have you already gone through that stage and have fun stories to share? Please comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

Anna, aka the Baby Store Lady

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